Note: Rollei is a legend camera trademark at their prime time. Those who has skipped may find this brand a bit mysterious. Not until the full featured medium format Rollei 6008 has brought all the attention back to this German camara maker. This is NOT an official site and neither it is a commercial site. It was created merely used for letting fellow photographers to broaden their scope of knowledge on hardware of camera brands of diffirent made. Credit:- Special Thanks to our local distributor for Rollei , Jebsen & Jebsen Malaysia in helping us understand this brand better, the content in this site are extracts from the recent marketing materials for Rollei Cameras in Malaysia -
I am not a Rollei user (Unfortunately,I should say), but one of my friend, a top local pro, Jen Siow of Jen Studio is. (Incidentally, I created a site for him on goodwill, click here will lead you to his site). He is one of the few local photographers who started very early to use Rollei's digital back as well. You can freely ask him to share some of his experiences with the Rollei photographic system.

T   H    E       H   I    S   T    O   R    Y

Rollei :   Brunswick, Singapore and back again.

When the instrument maker, Reinholf Heidecke set up in business on his own in 1920, together with his partner, Paul Franke, he could not yet have had any idea that his products would someday be synonymous throughout the world with German precision work. All he was interested in was making cameras which were easier to use than the cumbersome models from around the turn of the century. You will be able to read in this report what became of this idea, and the ups and downs which Rollei, as an internationally famous company, experimented and suffered, right up until its current place in the market. The third camera model constructed by Reinhold Heidecke, the Rolleiflex, already brought him worldwide recognition, and his home town of Brunswick gained a reputation as the "City of photo technology". With this camera, Heidecke not only had a considerable influence on camera construction but also on the stable of photography in this century. He had already as a young man recognised the value of focusing manually on a focusing screen. And this problem, with all its technical consequences, din not let go of him until the end of his days. Reinhold Heidecke proceeded systematically, learning how to become an instrument maker with Voigtlander, a major producer of cameras in Brunswick, and thus laid the foundations for his subsequent life's work. He made his hay to the top With Voigtlander, becoming in turn master craftsman, constructor, and later even works manager. At the age of 40 he founded, together With the businessman, Paul Franke, the company known as "Franke & Heidecke - Fabrik Photographischer Prazisionsapparate".

The company started off With a handful of employees in modest premises. At first, Heidecke devoted himself intensively to three dimensional photography, or stereoscopic. This had been until then a relatively untouched field of photo technology. Already within a sear of its foundation, "Franke & Heidecke" brought the first product of their own onto the market, a three-lens stereo camera, Which was called the "Heidoskop", after its constructor. The third lens of this camera acted in accordance with the reflex system as the viewfinder. This camera awakened the awareness not just of German professional circles to a small firm in Brunswick.

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