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".... The Nikon F3/T is a special version of the Nikon F3 High-Eyepoint camera, uses titanium for its right and left top covers, base plate, camera back, and the pentaprism cover of the viewfinder. Unlike normal chrome camera bodies, the F3/Ts finish is the original titanium metal colour (Applied only to the Champaign finish model). Titanium is one of the world's strongest, yet lightest materials; its specific gravity is approximately half that of brass, yet its hardness is almost the same as steel, while its corrosion resistance is greater than that of stainless steel.

Picture was from my Copyright-free © Images Collection, 2003. leofoo ®

However, titanium is a very difficult material to process and shape due to its metal properties. Nonetheless, as early as 1957, Nikon first fashioned shutter curtains out of titanium, and now, Nikon's technical know-how is utilized in creating one of the toughest SLR's around - the Nikon F3/T. As to the other features and specifications, they are the same as those of the Nikon F3 High-Eyepoint camera, except for the weight; the F3/T is approximately 740g, including the High-Eyepoint viewfinder. Before actually taking pictures with the F3/T, please familiarize yourself with the camera, referring to the instruction manual for the F3 High-Eyepoint camera..".

Sound a little commercial at certain section but it is an exact reproduction from the accompanying leaflet that came with a new F3T-

F3Titan.jpg (12k) Loading..
"... Titanium, so strong it's used for jet engines and missiles, yet so light it weighs less than steel, titanium ranks high on the list of the most effective materials for industrial purposes. Certainly few other metals stand up so well to such extremes of stress, corrosion and heat. Yet the mere shaping of titanium can be so difficult and costly, only the most meticulous manufacturers deem the effort worthwhile ..."

NikonF3Tadorama3sml.JPG NikonF3Tblk2adorama/NikonF3Tadorama4sml.JPG NikonF3Tadoramasml.JPG NikonF3Tadorama2sml.JPG

Credit: Images of this champaign version of the Nikon F3/T courtesy of Adorama® Inc. "Ebay - Mathew Duren" <ebay@adorama> Webisite URL:, who also operates a popular Ebay Store. All images appeared herein are Copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer. CLICK for LARGER VIEW

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Nikon did. But not on the F3 first, even though Nikon had accumulated many years of manufacturing experience dealing with this rare earth metal. Engineering was still restricted by requirements and application of shutter curtain designs. The earlier generation of pro-F series models in Nikon F2 also saw some serious effort by Nikon with the introduction of a few variations with limited production Nikon F2 Titan* models, so they are no strangers and can safely claim to be a pioneering leader in this field.

Nikon F3T with 28mm f2.8.jpg
By ensuring their top-of-the-line F3 stays tops with rising competitions from Canon, Pentax - even Olympus and Contaxes, which have constantly introduced some delightful pro-calibre SLR bodies; 

Nikon responded first by introducing a new variation of their popular Nikon F3 with a Titanium version to ensure the F3 not only excels in performance but in its looks with titanium... 99.6% pure with a Nikon F3/T model in 1982/3.

The year also saw the introduction of the new High-Eyepoint prism which the F3/T 's standard finder is based upon. The Nikon F3/T can claim ".. world's toughest professional SLR .." as appeared in one of the commercials because, almost every vulnerable area is covered: High-Eyepoint viewfinder, camera top and bottom, and the entire camera back.

F2T and F3T.jpg
It makes a lot of sense to have a tough shell to protect the all important electronic circuits and components. Inside, the F3/T embodies the exact same excellence as the Nikon F3: two deadly accurate exposure modes - electro-magnetically controlled aperture-priority automatic and quartz-controlled manual. An in-body metering system that enables interchange of five finders and twenty focusing screens without affecting automatic exposure. A 100 % viewfinder coverage with exposure indication that's easy on the eyes.

And versatility with the huge Nikon photographic system as the backbone - a host of functional and practical accessories like the world's fastest standard production motor drive (during the '80) that even supersedes the camera's internal power supply once attached, picture-perfect TTL- flash exposure control speedlights, and access to the 70 odd lenses, accessories and equipment.

Nikon F3/T Black
Nikon F3/T (Titan) The camera uses a titanium covered DE-4 prism designed for hard, rugged use by photojournalists, newsmen, hard working professionals or serious users who look for a solid camera body. It has two versions - the original model has an original titanium coating as its exterior finish and it was generally being referred to as "F3/T Champaign " * by users and collectors. It was replaced with a heavy duty black paint version in 1984.

Credit: Image courtesy of Mr. Peter Coeln from LEICA Shop®, Austria who also operates a popular Westlicht Auction House. Image Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.


Credit: Images of this black Nikon F3/T courtesy of Adorama® Inc. "Ebay - Mathew Duren" <ebay@adorama> Webisite URL:, who also operates a popular Ebay Store. All images appeared herein are Copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. CLICK for LARGER VIEW

* Note: The Nikon F2 has a prototype model for its Champaign finish titanium F2, but it has never been in production. The F2 Titan has two known versions, one version has a "Titan" word inscribed as logo while another type came without it.

Nikon F3/T Black body
Except for the colour and exterior finishing, both of the F3/Ts are identical in features. Other than using titanium for its viewfinder prism, top and base plates, and even the film back, it shares virtually the same specifications as any standard Nikon F3 High-Eyepoint camera (I love to believe it has a better insulation to penetration of dust and moisture than those found on normal F3HP models). For detailed camera operations, you may use Instruction manual for Nikon F3 High-Eyepoint camera for all these bodies.

<<<--- 1. A full setup pf a Nikon F3/T black body in standard packing. 2. F3/T with High Eyepoint Finder DE-2 (HP); 3. The top right panel of the Nikon F3/T black and serial number allocated with "T" at the front.

Credit: Image(s) courtesy of some nice folks from DigifanCN®. The group also operates their own active, popular EBAY STORE, trading for many major camera brands and collectibles. Image Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.
Nikon F3/T Black body with HP (high eyepoint finder)
Nikon F3/T Black body Serial Number location with

Serialnumber.jpg (9k) Loading..
Someone has questioned at Message Board for F3 and wondering was the film back made of titanium ? Yes, it is. For the titanium finished version, the bright colour through the Memo Holder as seen from illustration at left indicates clearly as claimed in the leaflet.

The serial number engraved starts with an alphabet "T" and indicated year of manufacturing that follows. If you are shopping for a unit in the used market, always insist on seeing the original back from the seller (Unless earlier user/owner replaced it with a Databack.

I have had mine since 1983 and it was given me few problems throughout its span of time servicing me. I am not a pro, but have fed it with a reasonably good volume of film rolls and given it a good workout.

F3T Worned.jpg (12k) Loading...
I was a little concerned a few years back with the condition of my camera shown at left - and I was getting too sentimental at times.. worrying if I still could find a similar model to keep me company just in case this setup is totally worn out. I started hunting for a mint unit as a spare with a few disappointing responses because most very well "used".

Well, through another contact, I was offered a mint unit in champagne finish with the bonus of having a Nikkor 50mm f1.4 that has the same matching serial number with the camera body. I thought that was coincidental - I paid a slight premium and got hold of it. Little did I realize I had bought a limited F3T LE set (but the owner of that outlet was not all that honest.. and didn't sent me many things that it is supposed to come with as a full outfit). * In fact, I saw an advertisement in Keh camera that has similar configuration (Matching serial number F3/T and Nikkor 50mm f1.4), I made an enquiry and was told it was sold shortly after the advert was uploaded but it came with a reasonable price tag of US1,850-00 with no accompanying documents and accessories). Thus, these two episodes did confirm the LE outfit exists.

Dimensions: Approx. 148.5 mm (W) x 118.5mm (H) x 69mm (D)
Weight: Approx. 850g (body only) * Information herein are extracted from the accompanying leaflet with the F3P camera.

FM-2Titan.jpg (11k) Loading...
All these Titanium models of F2 and F3 series have been discontinued quite a while ago. For collection purpose, it is not impossible to locate any from the used market, price varies depending mainly on condition. Usually it comes with a high premium if condition is in mint or new. Well, cheaper alternative for a Titanium are the discontinued FM2T or if you want a brand new Titanium Nikon, buy a FM2T Millennium 2000 (new).....

NikonF3Tamdm.jpg NikonF3Tbmdm.jpg
Two fabulous views of the Champaign colour F3/T contributed by "BIGleo" (new).....

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