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Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Pentax LX - Full Info on Its Interchangeable Viewfinders

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Changing the viewfinder is easy. In fact it can be a single hand operation. Just use your thumb to slide the lever to the right and pull the finder out. Both LX and Canon New F-1 used the more secure rail system while Nikon's F3 is using a dual latch to hook on.
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FA-1 Eye-Level Finder (Standard)
Ideal for a standard LX viewfinder, the FA-1 combines bright, eye-level pentaprism viewing with built-in diopter correction, a full data viewfinder display and a m-coupled "X"sync hotshoe. Adjustable diopter covers the ó1.5 to 0 range.



FA-1W Eye-Level Finder
Offers the same features as the FA-1 Finder with an extended diopter correction range fromó3 to +1.



FA-2 Eye-Level Finder
More compact and lightweight than the FA-1 Finder, this finder offers the same features but without the built-in hotshoe for electronic flash. * Note: f/stop is not visible in the finder.



FE-1 Waist-Level Magni-Finder
The FE-1 combines the benefits of waist-level viewing with high image magnification, making it ideal for close-up photography or any situation where critical focusing is important. Adjustable diopter correction fromó5 to +4 is built in. All data except aperture setting is visible in the viewfinder. * Note: f/stop is not visible in the finder.


FF-1 Waist-Level Finder

This space-saving finder folds almost flat yet pops up in an instant to provide bright, clear waist-level viewing. All viewfinder data except aperture setting is visible in the reversed position..
* Note: f/stop is not visible in the finder.


FB1 System Finder This Pentax exclusive viewing system accepts any of three optional viewing eyepieces for the ultimate in viewfinder versatility. Each eyepiece attaches easily to the viewfinder with a bayonet mount. Exposure information is clearly displayed in the viewfinder.









FC-1 Action Eyepiece Offers a high eye-point at 60mm and a full 180° rotation for total flexibility in viewing angle from waist level to eye level.
FD-1 Magni-Eyepiece A magnifier eyepiece with built-in diopter correction from - 4.5 to +3.5 plus a convenient 45° viewing angle.
FD-2 Standard Eyepiece Provides a convenient 45° viewing angle ideal for microscope use, copy work or general photography.
* Note: f/stop is not visible in the finder.


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