500 mm Zeiss Mirotar f/4.5
(made in Germany)

Weighting nearly 9 Ibs (4,500gms), one of the fastest ultra-telephoto lenses in the world today. Being a mirror-lens, the lens design has totally eliminating chromatic abberration so prevalent in conventional high speed lenses of this class. Since it does not have a built in diaphragms, exposure values must be adjusted by varying the shutter speed or using neutral density filters.

Focal length/Aperture: 500mm f/4.5 (fixed)
Lens construction: 5 elements in 5 groups
Picture angle:(diag/hor)
Diaphragm: -Nil-
Aperture scale: f4.5 (fixed)
Exposure measurement: Via shutter speed dial or filtration
Distance scale: Graduated in meters and feet from 3.5m
(11.5 ft to infinity (oo))
Weight: 4,500g
filters fitting Exclusive (insert type) (UV,Y,O,IR) and three position turret mount for ND filter to adjust exposures.
Dimension: 151mm x 225mm
Lens case special cases for lens and filters
Lens cap 151mm slip on type

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