We have seen many great news photographs published on the newspapers everyday. Unfortunately, the short life span of the newspaper made these images faded very soon. So, we decided to provide this site to local pressmen, allowing them to publish their portfolios here. MIR Communications hereby fully sponsor all their works. Credit will be given.

Portfolios currently link/sponsored :

  • CY Leow - Ex-Picture Editor, The Star currently residing in New Zealand.
  • Philip Chong - Freelance Photojournalist ex-photographer for Canon Marketing Malaysia; currently as Editor for Digital Camera Magazine.
  • Abdul Shukor bin Md Janis
  • Ricky Heng - Journalist - The Sun
  • Stanley Chow - Sports Events Photographer
  • Vincent Thian - Photo Editor, Malaysian and regional Bureau - Associated Press News Photographer (AP)
  • Bazuki Mohammed - Photojournalist, Reuters Malaysia
  • Chen Yu - Ex-photojournalist, former volunteered maintainer of this site. His new appointment is with Genting Berhad .
  • Zainal Abd Halim - Photo journalist, Reuters Malaysia. Read the interview with him in LensaMalaysia.com.
  • Shamshahrin Shamsudin - EPA stringer based in Malaysia and ex-The Star photographer.

NOTE: The websites belonging to Zainal and Shamshahrin; Shukor are not sponsored by MIR Communications. If you are a Malaysian based Journalist, Link request are always encouraged.

Do you believe this photo was captured in Kuala Lumpur? Kuala Lumpur has many scenic places that we have never explored. This photo was captured on the 8th March, 1998 at Ampangan Batu, Batu Caves, about 20km from city center, by the way, it's just 3km from my house. -- leofoo

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32 dead and many get injured...

How would a photographer react and got himself involved in such an incident ? A photo essay of the most painful photographic event
he experienced throughout his career.

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