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A typical group photo outing organized by Photo Clubs and societies in Malaysia

Most often, when someone begins serious into photography, he/she may either fall on self taught basis. The Internet has provides a perfect channel to view, learnt and digest other's works. For those who prefers to progress via a community, the next logical step is to join a photographic club or society. The are many States in Malaysia. Due to geographical locations, getting everyone together with a common interest regularly by physical presence is not viable, if not impossible Which has resulted in establishing the many photo clubs and societies for this medium. I could be started from secondary schools, colleges and even the universities. Eventually when the next cycle where financial is more stable, one tends to invest into equipment to enhance further in expanding possibilities photographically. So, if someone prefers crowd activities, clubs which often organize group outings becomes very popular indeed. I encourage this form of events as it is also a channel to share evenly distributed fun among the many interested individuals. I used to have a section for this but admittedly seldom updating it as it is kind of passive approach and awaiting for clubs committee to request for a link if they have a site to share. The listing is not big as I think most localized societies are quite defensive in adopting the path to port their works in the Network. As far as I am concerned, as I have a Web Server and do have a tiny column in my heart for social obligation. So, if any of you wishes to have your club's portfolio to share, you can always talk to me. Anyway, as I prefer to conserve time for resource and content development, so I can only lend a hand in providing free-hosting but don't ask me to create the site for you (Errr ...that is MIR's job).

Photographic Society of Malaysia : Photographic Society of Malaysia
Photographic Society of Penang:-
Photographic Society of Petaling Jaya :
Kelab Shashin Fotografi, Kuala Lumpur

Personal: - I don't quite like polarization of opinion in photographic approach and even brands of hardware. I would think visual expression via a camera lens can be a very personalize matter. I don't like the New being mold, cropped up as another replicate of a similar style. So, other than the basics must be instilled to understand how values work, other photographic progress on individual should always be encouraged in exploring and interpreting personal expression via a camera and the lens. Clubs is essentially a community centre, you can share, talk, organize and even compete. But remember, if you can digest this - don't react negatively because there is no boundary lines in photography. If you can copying an idea which inspires, you are not the originator. So, just visualize before you trip the shutter release. Ask before you shoot via the viewfinder - is is a good, GREAT or so-so work ? If it doesn't why bothers wasting time on processing or downloading into your computer ? Stupid as it sounds, but it works for me. ---leofoo.2006 -----

Since this section lacks the number with the various listing of clubs/societies; I will just temporally put up some resources within MIR's developed content for you to take a few clicks to explore what I have done thus far.

I have created quite a lot of original content in this Malaysian local Photosite. Some say the hugely popular "Classic Modern SLRs Series" is their absolute favourite but personally, the most satisfying section is actually a beginner's section on: What the hell is this Shutter Speed, Aperture and Exposure. Because I think a good path as an entry into serious photography is actually first, get to understand the fundamentals of HOW pictures are captured. Once you have overcome the mental block of various confusing state of values on lens and camera for an exposure; it will catapult a P&S shooter into SLR photography readily. The approach can be different and boring, but it works. Why do I waste time of creating all those oldies cameras ? Haven't all of you realize it takes a financially capable to enjoy photography now ? "Used" means "pre loved" - someone has preowned it. For whatever the reasons (financial, useless or migrating to newer models etc.,) these used cameras often are so much more affordable. The potential talents from a poorer families can also take an easy ride. It is not a heroic effort but if any of you has a way in promoting this healthy medium, that is fine. I am adopting a more tedious path, that is all. Simple reason but many people do not understand...

Simple techniques to improve your skill - if you are point and shoot camera owners and entry level SLR users. Click here !
Here is an article of how a famous photojournalist has helped Japanese photographic community to have a "breakout" and hence, exposing to the rest of the world that Japanese optics are equaled or better in quality than the German's optics DURING the '50...

The BIG glossary - photographic terms & definitions. Click here! Took me a long time to compile these materials, I hope it's beneficial to all of you. If there are anymore things that you think should be included, please update or mail me, Thanks!

1) B&W Photography in the 40's & 50's: I would suggest take a look at the Sultan of Terengganu's black & white works.
Michael Patrick Wong's "Malaysia Beneath the Waves" gives a detailed description of various exciting diving spots around the Malaysian tropical waters. It will be on weekly basis to publish the content. Hey, he uses mainly 35mm SLRs (Pentax LX & Nikon F4) with underwater housing for most of his work, Michael's is current shooting for another series for Discovery Channel and goes back to film still during the sessions. We will be creating a site for his work on the wild elephant in Sabah soon.
Arthur Teng portfolio has been updated by us recently
John W. Ishii has gone back to the US but his portfolio is still with MIR
Vincent Thian, our AP editor for Malaysian Bureru portfolio will be revamped soon.
6) So does another two good friends of mine,
Philip Chong and Cyleow
Zain Abdullah is getting very active recently etc.

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