Magnificent Swedagon Pagoda at Yangoon (rangoon) Myanmar / Burma Swedagon Pagoda in scale with the Kandagwi Lake at Yangoon (rangoon) Myanmar / Burma
Introduction:- Shortly after my visit to Yangon (Rangoon) in 2005, the former capital city of Myanmar (Burma), the ruling military government has announced shifting of its administrative copital from Yangon to a new location 320km north, The City of Piynmana. Minus the domestic political happennings and over-killed approach by media as well as economic sanction imposed by the American (VISA, Master, AMEX cards are not applicable here); the very Buddhist Nation which suffers decades long isolation is truly a jewels for many tourists to explore its potential as it has still retained much of its very original oriental culture, custom and heritage.

Within the city of Rangoon, the most significant landmark in this city is a 2000+ years old pagoda, Shwedagon - this is easily one of the most elegant Buddhist landmark that I have ever visited. The 326 fteet tall Shwedagon Pagoda interwines with
history of Yangon city and locals deeply believe the eight sacred Hairs (Sandao) and relics of Lord Gawdama Buddha was housed here. The central piece (Pagoda) is is surrounded by 64 small pagodas with four larger, one in the center of each side. The goldern structure is all covered by gold plate (each 1 sq foot actually has 5 ticals of gold). It is believed that the total weight of gold used at this magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda exceeds 30 tons - excluding use of other precious stones which Burma is famous for !

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Ancient aged old SULE Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

A colonial days Church-like Buddhist temple in Yangoon, Myanmar
Another Buddhist Pagoda that carries significant local interest and shares equally long history (close to 2000 years old) is the 48 metres tall SULE Pagoda at the city centre and it also hosts Sacre Hair of Loard Buddha. I have not been to Pagan yet (will do) but the influence of foreign elements (British) was quite apparant in this country. Here is one typicalexample of a Church-like Buddhist temple.

The birth place of capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh City Wat Phnom inside view, Phnom Penh City of Cambodia

Unlike the stallling economic development in Myanmar, Cambodia which rises from ashes of the war makes you feel the pulse of its economy. Although some observers are still very much sceptical on its political stability but you can see the changes. Most people relates Cambodia with the world heritage structure of Angkor Wat but as my business visit only confines to the capital city of Phnom Pehn and thus, I will only show you a few interested Buddhist landmarks that I had visited.

The name "Phnom Pehn" has its origin from a hill-top Cambodian temple named "Wat Phrom" which relates to a local legend, Lady Pehn. It is a temple very close-in with decoration of the shrine of
Emerald Buddha at Phra Kaeo at the Grand Palace, Bangkok.

Other than the National Museum which showcases many local Buddhist arts and Buddha Images, the Silver Pagoda resides within compound of the Royal Palace is another must-visited landmark in Phnom Pehn city. There is another Emerald Buddha here and due to prohibition of photo inside, I cannot had any pictures to show you. But unlike the Grand Palace in Bangkok, you will find some of the best collection of the Cambodian Buddhist imageries.

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Silver Temple inside the Royal City compound, Phnom Penh, Cambodia The Royal Palace and Museum of Phnom Penh City, Cambodia
Personal Buddhist imageries usage is NOT popular in both Cambodia and Burma. The Pagoda (Cambodia uses a mix of names of Wat / Pagoda) and its management is slightly different. On a particular visit to a local Cambodian temple, I have witnessed the differences in practice and decoration. You can browse around the FEATURED SITE on such a local visit to share my experience.

Shown is a small concealed bowl of Buddhist votive amulets in Cambodian fashion.

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