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This web site was uploaded since: 18th July 1997. Off from a slow start, it has more than 11 million hits recorded in 1998; exceeding 23 million hits in 1999; 56 million as at end of Y2K. Soared passed 543 million hits mark at end of 2004 (Current web traffic has increased to approx. between 11-13 million hits per month; As at 01-01-2005, the folder is made up of a approx. 33,000 files (Jpeg, gifs, Quick lime Movies, QTVR, PDF & HTML). The MIR was ranked as 32th most popular website in Malaysia in 2005 and also is the TOP 50,000 most popular sites in the world by (actual ranking:- 38,571 as at 23.05.2005)

This site is here to serve and supplement what is missing on the Network, and NOT designed to compete ...enjoy.

A Pictorial History on Nikon 35mm cameras
Pictorial History on Nikon going French - modified version by Mr Jean-Christophe.D.

Nikon F | Nikon F2 | Nikon F3 | Nikon F4 | Nikon F5 |
Nikon FM series | Nikon FE Series | Nikon FA |
Nikkormat | EM/FG/FG20 |
Manual Focus Nikkor Resources | AF (Autofocus) Nikkor lenses) | Rangefinder (RF) Nikkor lenses (new)

Canon FD-mount Resources:
F-A-T Series SLR Models & a database on Canon FD Lenses | FL lenses | Rangefinder Resources
EOS-1 Series SLR cameras | Autofocus EF Lens Group

OM-1(n) | OM2(n) and Zuiko Lenses
Minolta Classic:
XD-7/11 | XK/XM/X1 | X-700 | Maxxum Series
Pentax Classic:
Pentax LX
Contax Classic:
Contax RTS-Series

Leica M-series (new) | Leitz SM Resources
Contax/Zeiss Rangefinder Resources
Medium Format Hasselblad & Rollei

Various Message Board LINKS

We have great respect for those involve in the supportive role of the creative industry. The last few years, we saw many creative artists that surfaced at the advertising and media communities, We do welcome all photographic agencies to publish their respective works to gain higher exposure on the web and at the same time, provide a right channel to share respective experiences in this field. Some of the top local professionals are having their personal portfolio published HERE.
When I was young, I always thought I would pursue my photo journal as a photojournalist. For those hard working professional s who are always engaging in photojournalism & Reportage Works,MIR communications Sdn Bhd will unconditionally, fully sponsored your personal works in order to promote and encourage this profession, NO questions ask...

Clubs, the engine room for the progress & development of photography in Malaysia. As most of these are non-profit organizations aiming at helping public improve the skill and generate common interest in photography. , Thus, MIR communications Sdn Bhd will also fully sponsoring creation of websites to promote this common art form. Currently, PSM's (The Photographic Society of Malaysia) and Kelab Fotografi Shashin (Shashin) are hosted in this server but I would love to see more local photographic clubs to utilize this convenience we provide here, please contact Mr. McLau, the Editor for that section for further info on our sponsorship.

The Photography Resource Page

Some interesting resources within the scope of photography that we have compiled for fellow photographers to digest, may be it will surprised you with facts of what you didn't know all the while ...Click here !
  The BIG glossary - photographic terms & definitions. Click here! Took quite a while for me to compile these materials, I hope it's of useful to all of you. If there are anymore things that you think should be included, please update or mail me (volunteer(s) required), Thanks!

True Colours LINK

  Featuring Some Pictures that I like in this site, local & abroad. BY INVITATION ONLY. But do feel free to send any worthy images for consideration. Personal project:- i) Landmarks in ASIA ii)

interesting and informative links relating to photography on the Net, mail me if you wish to add your website on to this list, we welcome any recommended sites for all of us to share...


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