Continuing the Equity and Socio-economic Agenda

National Economic Recovery Plan
Chapter 6


The socio-economic aspects of development have always been given importance in Malaysiaís development strategy. During an economic crisis, these aspects have grown in importance in order to reduce the hardship arising from falling income and declining employment opportunities. There is a need to address the issues of Bumiputera equity ownership, which has been hit by the precipitous fall in share prices. There is the challenge of meeting the demand for places in the local tertiary institution, which has risen dramatically following the cutback on funding for and the high cost of overseas education. In the wake of depressed economic conditions, it is crucial that state corporations and cooperatives are revamped and revitalised in order to reduce excesses and become more focussed in their activities. For the sake of current as well as future generations, the imperative for environment protection and sustainable development must continue and not be pushed aside as other priorities take centre stage.

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