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For the curiosity. This is the original logo of MPUG-Malaysia used back in 1998. I think in a modern computer user environment, there is less significant of a difference between the OS now.

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There is no doubt that brand loyalty for Apple's Mac is still very strong but neither it is deniable the fact that, other than the Web medium, successful introduction in series of cutting edge, trend-setting Mac products & rapid expansion of market share worldwide have helped a great deal in restoring pride and dignity of being a Mac user. But the most significant development in this area is, both PC & Mac community has began to generate a sense of respect. Personally, I would think business segment PC has a far superior edge which has the majority of software developers focusing their development effort on (similarly, the leisure sector on computer games and other online applications etc.). But Mac has also began to take off the defensive of even the most hard core PC users - whether like it or not - for as long as I can remember, one also cannot deny the fact Mac OS and its industrial design have generated such a following the Company never enjoyed previously. Partly, I think the sudden surge in popularity has the web medium to thank for as not only it has provided a viable, easy access channel to support the huge pool of Mac users worldwide but it also permits PC users to understand more what the Mac can do to their personal activities, at home or work.

One way or another, smart users know where to put their hard-earned cash to. Similarly, one will learn how to live with the others. So, we felt MPUG should also be used to serve users of other platforms.
In a way, we can learn more to equip ourselves on how to position our own in a highly challenging global market with the benefit of letting others know the potential what a Mac can do for them. So, if anyone of you still have your defensive shield on as being a Mac die-hard, that is fine but if you are one to believe in thinking differently, then try open up your mind, use this site as a platform to bridge, not confront.

We remain a Mac user too & we know what we are doing. Thank You.

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