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Introduction Unlike today, Apple/Mac users back in the mid '90 to end of the millennium in Malaysia has been deemed as an isolation group. Despair and sometimes can be very frustrated because other than Apple's own set of problems in Austin, US, local support for Mac was also largely undesirable. I turned to Mac during the transitional change from the 68030 Mac(s) to PowerMac (6100, 8100 & 9600) it grew from merely three units to about 20 installations/terminals. Today, we have around 50 working terminals in the office, models ranging from a mix of G5 stations, G4 Notebooks, Imac(s) but older models are still around (which includes a 20th Anniversary Mac model. So, more or less, the growth of FFM/MIR/FFCM also indirectly witnessed many changes in the industries as well as up & downs of Apple's Macintosh computers during the last 1-1/2 decade.

Early Apple/Mac dealers who served us was a company called
MacPDS, after winding up due to lackluster sales and partly confusion created back in Austin, US; some employees who were still active in the Mac trade, one of them was Yeak, MIR's ex-techo head and well as Sunny who actually operates on his own as an Apple/Macintosh consultant now. I remembered Apple Centre, under Sapura group, the distributor has not even bother to pay us a visit us despite numerous attempt in establishing business contacts with them. Am I complaining ? NO. Because decision was using Mac OS was entirely our choice and over the years, we have learnt how NOT to depend on others - basically, using a Mac has actually helped to make us independent in learning how to handle self-support. The Internet was still at its infancy era but the web medium was one area that has provided us the survival kit back in those early days ...

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So, technically we were forced to learn from all forms of maintenance in an Apple/Macintosh, like changing hard disks, RAMs, repairs and even finding compatibility's between versions of OS, software (which includes combating incompatibilities among the many Mac OS for each models) - hard but learnt a lot. So, even when the Mac has progressed to the current state of Mac OS-X of various versions from the classic era, we don't actually have a tech guy around in our Companies - only basic skills and some tried-and-succeeded ways of optimizing of each employee's machine.

The MPUG (Apple's Macintosh (Mac) Power Users Group) was originated from a casual idea from our ex-staff, yeak (who actually don't use a Mac anymore now, hehe ..). But as most of you have observed, the previous site has not been attended since 1999. Over a search on our web server, we have rediscover the site and we are pretty surprise to find the MPUG-Free-Trade -Zone section was still active with continuous flow of individual advertisers - which means to say, even with today's Apple's turn around and increasing popularity among new users locally, some form of a desire of a mutual zone for exchanging ideas and/or equipment is still very much in the heart of many. Due to involvement in the development as well as maintenance for a MIR's client, namely MacAsia, our staff Mae-V has been influenced and has actually become an Apple/Mac addict, if not an expert but she is a walking Mac dictionary for all employees in the Company hehe ... I find her incredibly knowledgeable in the Mac OS now and I was toying an idea why don't I revamp the MPUG site to let her find a playground on her own during off-office duties. So, here it is - a new look, noncommercial MPUG Malaysia website for all Mac Users to share their resources. So, as a responsible Mac-based web developer (yes, today MIR/MIRnet is widely regarded as the most popular* web development Company in Malaysia, (We use primarily Apple computers for most of our commercial web development projects, so what's wrong as being a Mac user ?). Hence, other than what you can source Apple/Macintosh content else where on your own (Apple's site and/or Mac dealers) - just digest the little Xtra localized resources we have provided for all of you here. Thank You.

If you have problems with your Apple or OS issues - try to ask; if you have some new findings with the Mac, tell us -
we even like to
hear your experience in your own life with my Mac. It is a site designed to supplement - not compete.... -leofoo.2005 -

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