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The celebration dilemma
The Malay College connections that opened many doors
Mahathir was Razak's choice
The media, a challenging profession
A job with no qualification
Despite indiscretions, Clinton gets by
Eggheads and streetsmart students
Surprising! No paid maternity leave in US
Immortalising the Tunku
Razak, the soul of the kampung Malay
A myopic Congress refuses to pay dues
Mahathir is more than primus inter pares
Sidewalk war over civil freedom
Spring arrives and El Nino beats a retreat
3 mins for Anwar to make impression
Anwar passes the test in New York
Chic sardines and the kampung variety
The yin and yang of a marriage
What is in a name?
The value of quality foreign education
All rivers run to the sea
A history of working together
Hasmy - Our new man at the UN
Writing a memoir is a painful pleasure
Fourth Parliament was a first experience
Immigrants and the American Dream
Memories of the Malayan Emergency
The UN and drug control
Tun Ismail Ali - A Malaysian Legend
The United States - A Deadbeat!
If only we spoke three or four languages
Golf a great game and an equalizer
Will Clinton confess or hide the truth?

Back to school and rediscovering self
The Tunku, our George Washington
Malaysians must acquire new values
Nations jostle for place on Security Council
New York serves up a smorgasbord of fish
Dollah passionate in his convictions
Hattrick for Malaysia at the UN
More concerted effort needed to promote tourism
There's no substitute for experience
At 61, looking back to a full life
Elder statesman, veteran and enforcer
Dealing with dying and the fear of it
Smitten by a unconquerable fear of science and maths
Gore's gaffe and the challenges ahead
Night of bonding at Macoba dinner