Buddha Statues at Main Hall (Vihara) of Sam Bo Tong Cave Temple, Ipoh

The Vihara (main hall of a Buddhist temple) locates the main Buddha image in marble. Throughout my journals to many temples in or out of the country, the all-white marble Buddha image inside San Bao Dong
can be easily ranked as one of the MOST IMPRESSIVE Buddha image that I have ever seen !

I was told from a, errr. not reliable source that the Statue was crafted in India with the white marble from Burma. It was very well decorated with gem stones and others, backed by a large gold painted hardwood panel of top quality Buddhist art craftmanship. The interior is very dim, where the centre piece was flanked by two marble-made monks, with another reclining Buddha at the front. They are housed inside a glass panel, and really difficult to shot a nice picture of it.

Another section of the main hall of this spacious cave is installed with numerous Buddhist statues of various figures such as Kwan Yin, Loh Han, laughing Buddhas etc. At one corner, there are some devotees donated a few Thai Buddha statues. The interior could have been lighted more brighter by artificial illumination. But I guess most local Malaysian Buddhist temples are facing financial management issue where charitable donations may not be able to keep up with temple development and maintenance, which seriously requires some attention from the public.

The magnificent marble BUDDHA image at San Bao Dong cave Temple, IPOH

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