100+ years old San Bao Dong Cave Temple, Perak, Malaysia, Heritage reliogious site
One of the issue also need to be addressed is: I have noticed many western toursts who came on their own have NO CLUE that there is a cave tunnel that leads you to another world on its own. I woudl suggest the local tourism board to improve the temple navigation or provide guided tour. The tunnel runs approx. a couple fo ten yards, windy inside (Have been wondering all these years, where the hell the strong wind is from...). But don't worry, it is well illuminated and as soon as you walk out of this tunnel, you will be amazed by a specticular scene, it is a hidden world on its own - a flat basin with an open space, four sides surrounded by hilly cliffs !

For those who may be new to this San Bao Dong Buddhist Cave Temple, there is a new temple that has just been ready inside here. Simply because there is NO access into here EXCEPT for the tiny tunnel ! Which means to say, the painstaking process of building this entire contruction project with small load of building materials via the tunnel you walked in and that is why it took so many years to reach its current state of presentation. It involves sheer dedication and enoumous of effoft to make it possible. The temple which locates itself in this limestone cliffs does provides an all new refreshing brethtaking look of San Bao Dong now.
The tunnel that leads you into another world on its own. Acess to ths area is also free of charge (information for foreign tourists-only)

The vegetation inside basin is very different. It is a mix of tropical and hilly region species because the limestone provides little feed to the plants.

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To the locals, you cannot detach San Bao Dong Buddhist cave temple with the tortoise pond and a well which could aged more than 100 years. The well was a main source of water supplies to the early settlements of Monks. The tortoise pond was a local favourite as tortoise is synonemous with long life and one of practice was to lay off a small tortoise after prayer inside the temple (I was told this practice was banned now). However, many of the surviving tortoise were claimed to be more than a century old. But I notice there are young ones that probably resulted from reproduction rather than from spritual cause. How many are there ? lost count, the water was not too clean to do an accessment as you can see from the illustrating PHOT BELOW this page. Err ...
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100+ years old San Bao Dong Cave Temple, Perak, Malaysia, Heritage reliogious site