Thai Buddhist imageries
in the forms of Amulet, Pendant and Medallions

Buddhist imageries are very common in both schools of Theravada Buddhism (practicing in countries such as Sri-Lanka (Ceylon), Burma, Thailand, Indochine (Laos & Cambodia) & countries in South East Asia) & Mahayana Buddhism (more acceptable in China (inclusive of Tibet which inclines more to Tantric Buddhism), Himalayan nations (Kingdom of Bhutan, Nepal) Korea, Japan, Taiwan & other applicable ASEAM member countries). The evolved potable form probably carried a long, rich history that can be traced back to approx. 1000+ years ago in Thailand & certain provinces in Burma. Today, votive tablets with localized Thai Buddhist imageries are very popular among the Chinese in South East Asia, you can treat it simply as an ancient art form, a confined commodity for the collectors or for those lost innocence who holds the strong belief it might work for them - it is something like a kind of relic that brings serene, hope and peacefulness. This website lists a shared collection of Lord Buddha images and a series of Thai votive imageries attached to many legendary local personalities. It never aims to challenge other websites on similar nature but rather having a medium to share a common passion and belief.

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This website is not attempting to create an ultimate web resource reference on Thai amulets. It was originated from a casual discussion and started off by displaying a few personal possessions among some of my close friends. There could have been millions of Thai amulets being produced so far and all the showcased pieces herein the site may not be among the most prized collection but they do serve as a basic purpose in bridging other surfers who may share a common interest as well as promoting the basic fundamental information of this very oriental form of religious culture. On the other hand, the framework of the site is not entirely conventional and has been designed in such a way so it can accommodate more future participation - if it ever appeals to other collectors. Lastly, this website will remain essentially as a non-profitable web resource - whatever and how it will grow in its content. Naturally, I don't entirely object the idea of receiving CONTRIBUTING images from surfers to be included in this website, provided each of them has been authenticated in their respective origin and/or ownership. Next, I am using my own business server to create this site, although complimentary links are appreciated but it is not necessary, I have limited bandwidth here with my ISP, so -PLEASE don't simply distribute this URL to any bulk mailing list or unrelated user-groups (well, whether like it or don't, the more you distribute, the slower this server will response to your requests...those who truly wishes to seek and share similar information will find a way in, just be a little considerate, thank you.

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