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Mr. Raymond Goh, Nickname "Rock Raymond" on the web, a Malaysian who resides in Kulim, a town located at northen state of Kedah Darul Aman (E-mail: rockraymond168@yahoo.com & handset: 603 0125804733). He has developed a special interest of collecting & accumulated quite a good number Soomdej ("Soomdet") images. He posted a request of invitation to view his collection at Message Board and I invited him to participate in the showcase & he accepted my offer. The Soomdej and keschaiyo Series are of very high quality (some of which are highly collectible). All photography are handled by Raymond personally and I am only doing the editing.


Note: All images appeared herein are copyright 2005, please respect the visual property of the owner. Thank You.

Wat Rakang ("WRK") CheDee



earlyamuletTOfrontMdm.jpg earlyamuletTORearMdm.jpg
Left- Early amulets before SOMDEJ NOW by Somdej To....
EarlyWRKprotifrontMdm.jpg EarlyWRKprotiRearMdm.jpg

Other View(s) (A) (B) (C)

Other View(s) (A)

WRKphimprotiAFrontMdm.jpg WRKphimprotiArearMdm.jpg

Top:- Early batch Wat Rakang proti by somdej To.

Left:-1st or early batch phim proti Wat Rakang by Somdej To...
EarlykeschaiyofrontMdmA.jpg EarlykeschaiyoRearBigA.jpg  

Somdej Kescaiyo 1st batch 3 tier from small chedee Wat Kescaiyo


(E-mail: rockraymond168@yahoo.com & handset: 603
Note: All images appeared herein are copyright 2005, please respect the visual property of the owner. Thank You.



Left:- Somdej "ninepow" by Somdej Toh

Right: phim okruff from Wat Rakang not Wat Bangkhunphom
phimokruffFrontMdm.jpg phimokruffRearMdm.jpg

Other View(s) (A) (B)

Other View(s) (A)

phimsendaiBKMfrontMdm.jpg phimsendaiBKMRearMdm.jpg
Left:- Phim sendai Bangkhunphom chedee.(no.10 by Somdej To)

Right:- Amulet early days by Somdej To b4 Somdej...
preSoomdefrontMdm.jpg preSoomdeRearMdm.jpg

Other View(s) (A) (B)

Other View(s) (A)

RRayKeschaiyoE_F_BigA.jpg RRayKeschaiyoE_R_BigA.jpg  

Kescaiyo 7 tier by Somdej Toh


(E-mail: rockraymond168@yahoo.com & handset: 603
Note: All images appeared herein are copyright 2005, please respect the visual property of the owner. Thank You.


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