Luang Phot TO, the giant 32 metres high standing Buddha located at Wat Inthrawihan (WAT IN) at Bangkok

Wat Intharaviharn (or more popularly known as "Wat IN" or sometimes some web resources pronnounced it as Wat Intharawihan) is located at Bangkhunphrom sub-district, Nakhon District, Bangkok, Thailand and at the nothern edge of Banglamphoo area. To the Thai Soomdej amulet collectors or enthusiasts, we often heard of Soomdej Bangkhunphrom and may thought it was also like Soomdej Wat Rakang, a produce of a famous temple. But in actual fact, there is no temple named after the name of bangkhunphrom. But we do know there were some association of Soomdej Toh (Toh Phromrangsi of Wat Rakang Kositharam) with Wat Intharavihan as the huge Luang Phor Toh (LP To) standing Buddha statue was a work of the late great master. In fact, Somdej Phra Buddhachan passed away at mid night on 22th July 1872 A.D. (2415 B.E.) in the hall for sermons at Wat IN.
Many of the Soomdej Bangkhunprom images produced herein were probably produced during the construction stage for the purpose of funding the construction of the Luang Phor TO Buddha statue were generally grouped and categorized as Soomdej Bangkhunphrom then. Wat In is also very near to the Banglungpoo district, a place that clusters with many old shops and houses, busy traffic and most of all, if you want to have your amulets framed or cased in gold or silver, there are literally hundreds of shops specialize in the trade. On a recent short stopped over at Bangkok from Shanghai, I went to Wat IN in preparation for a possible lead in site for fellow amulet enthusiasts and Banglumpoo to buy some ready cases. I got both objectives reached.

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