The giant scale 32mtres tall Standing Buddha Luang Phor TO at Wat Intharavihan / intharawihan, Banglumpoo, Bangkhunprom resion, Bangkok, Thailand

The huge Buddha which named Luang Phor TO was believed to be first started construction back in 1867 during the reign of King Rama IV and lasted probably 60 years and works actually stretching to King Rama VII ! Phra Soomdej Toh who originated the idea actually never seen its completion and passed away in the temple when he was 80 years old (1872).

Mdm Wannee at Wat IntharavihanInternal instaleed statues of various famous Buddhist monks of Thailand Entrance Arc of  Wat Intharavihan
Internal; and external compound view of Wat Intharaviharn/ Wat Intharawihan. There are a huge collection of top quality, well preserved antique medium scale Buddha images at the building next to the standing Buddha image. Don't miss that area if you enjoy Buddhist statues. A few old original pictures of the crown prince who laid the relic from Ceylon was there too.

Old picture officiating by Crown Prince

Old, remains of original markings

Huge collection of nice Buddha images

The huge tree provides a good shade for visitors.

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