The pronunciation of Wat In can be either written as Wat Intharaviharn / Wat Intharawihan / Wat Inthravihan / WatInthrawihan.

3 Tiers short base

LP Phu 3 Tiers w/ears

3 Tiers Phra Phong

LP Phu 3 Tiers

3 Tiers Jedi style

3 Tiers Jedi style

LP Phu 3 Tiers Jedi style

3 Tiers Jedi style


Dual Base style

Short dual Base style

7 Tiers round arm style

LPP 7 Tiers round arm

LPP 8 Tiers round arm

LPP 8 Tiers Square arm style


Luang Phor Phu 60 years Square arm style few colors

60 yrs round arm style

LPP 150 years 7 Tiers round / square arms

Phra Phong Pra Kru Sang, Phra Mool

Curtain / 2 Tiers, cross leg, Wakman style

Wat IN classic Leela posture

Wat IN Leela (walking) style

Leela (standing)

Leela (alm bowl)

Wat IN Pidha style (rare)

LP Phu Pidha

LP Phu Smardthi

LP Phu Rian

IGP* Classic Jedi style

IGP Songyai style

IGP single chest style

IGP double chest style

IGP triangular style

Soomdej Luang Phor Pu 60th Years Buddhist Amulets, owned by Uncle Wichien
ANSWER: THIS is a NEW soomdej from WAT IN

Comparing a new Soomdej from Wat IN with two Classic Bangkhunprom Style. Can you tell the difference?

The boundary lines between Wat In and Bangkhunprom Soomdej images is indeed very blur as the Great Master Puthachan Toh has served and passed away in this temple. Today, most people relate Luang Phor Pu more to the temple as he has produced a series of top quality amulets which carried very meaningful purposes. I was told a series was for raising fund for the victims suffered during the infamous Bangkok decades ago.

<<<--- Luang Phor Phu 60th Commemorative Edition. It has a few colors variations, highly collectible and many faked replica are surfacing in the market. * NOTE:- The "IGP" refers to Inspector General of Thailand Phau Sriyanohth. Many variations have produced under this batch.
From the perspective of an amulet collector, many of the WAT In produce such as the image shown at left are probably highly collectible pieces. But if the intention is on financial gain, then all these will become meaningless as this is not the true intention of various Gurus in producing the amulets. Whatever it is, everyone has a personal intention of why looking for a Thai amulet. But I do hope at worst, it is just confining as a hobby, that it is acceptable then. The page here is simply providing as a visual guide only and should not be used as an ultimate reference to verfify the images. Further, there are any other possible variation even within the same form. An example is the Reclining Leela shown at left whihc was highlight to me via a visitor decently on availability of this image form.
OFF TOPIC:- I have only two Wat In amulets - both Soomdej/Soomdet. One is new as shown as the previous page, given by the temple abbot during my last visit in 2006. The lovely piece shown at the left was given to me by Uncle Wichien as asked by his late wife to repay some "favor" done during the Asian Financial Crises but I have returned to him as I noticed his health was deteriorated after the departure of his 30 years old possession To me, I don't need anymore amulets or simply spending time to seek or any additional. The same I wish to convey this message to you as it will come by as long as you have a spot in your heart to look for one for good course of it. Recently I had this unexplained episode of a temple monk suspected my Wat Pak Nam roon 1 was a fake. Although I am okay but still this has disturbed my mind for a day or two during my recent 2007 trip to Bangkok. The day before I left for home, I met an old Thai folk who was attracted by the Chiangmai necklace I used for the Amulets. We had a chat and I told him about the doubt. He smiled and came to the hotel that night, brought me two Wat Pak Nam Roon 1 as well as 4 Roon 4 as a gift. Strange ? I guess so. Later , the doubt was cleared too as an old Monk in Wat Paknam authenticated all the amulets are original produce of the temple. So, I always think these things are hard to explain at times. I think some friends also know how I got hold of three Tok Raja after completion of the site. So, if you are admiring all these lovely amulets from Wat IN, it is all right to find for one but DON'T force yourself for it (especially if it involves heavy financial commitment). Ask for one and see if it will come. IF it doesn't. Just wait.

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