Royal Palace / Wat Phra Keao, Bangkok, Thailand

I enjoy both photography and traveling. I was told by a few "gurus" that my previous cycle (karma) was a Buddhist monk. In a discourse (A.N. VI.63 Nibbedhika Sutta) the Buddha said : Intention, monks, is kamma I say. Having willed, one acts through body, speech and mindî. Looking back to half a century of sinful lifestyle, I may not be practicing good ethical principle of a monk all these time spent; but I had been gifted with a pair of good eyes and mind set to appreciate beautiful things when I see one..I usually translate visual via a camera.

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Combining traveling, a soft spot on Buddhist interest and a website to maintain can be all be a joyous experience - provided you are not in a hurry to do so. Probably one thing that separates me from other developers is:- I am semi-retired, I can afford to have all the time to move around and when investment opportunities call for a need to travel, I will usually bring a portable digital camera along wherever I go. During off meeting free sessions during weekend, I will check and arrange for a private ride to where I intend to visit. I'd only take pictures when things and places that attract my mind rather than eyes. Well, I guess it demands more than just the hardware of camera, lenses and the desire for good photography. Well, I think I can capture reasonably good visual deliveries but when you are on a foreign soils, you ought to develop skill to interact with strangers. Scenarios such as negotiation for admission / permission to, otherwise hard to make access places and location etc. (Err ... I did encountered some nasty experiences that I don't intend to recall too..). If friendly approach is ineffective, you would require to adopt journalist ways to stealth your motive in how-to spied in camera with a few shots but this is not encouraged for anyone of you to do so without a developed good risk management skill if any undesirable follow-up events happens. There are tens of thousands places that associate with Buddhism, Tibet, Angkor Wat, other locations in China, Vietnam and even my homeland, I will address or feature them one by one whenever it relates, given the time and opportunities..

Personally, this compiled section can act as a showcase for Photography as well as Buddhist interest.
The inner desire for both personal interest should spearhead for future site expansion, I guess.

Last, based on unofficially count; there are probably 30,000 temples existed in Thailand alone; 1% would be 300 temples. It is just like someone did asked me once to travel / enjoy shoot ing good pictures in China and create a site, but

The total number of Chinese cities is 666.
11 cities with population over 2 million;
23 cities with population between 1 millions and 2 million;
44 cities with population between 500,000 and 1 million;
159 cities with population between 200,000 and 500,000;
393 cities with population less than 200,000.
There are also 5 provinces with population over 50 million

With a breakdown figure like 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 centrally administrative municipalities and 2 special administrative regions (SAR), even if you can spare twice visits annually, you will probably require the next 15 years to see them all...

Similarly, to cover even 1% of Buddhist temples with good content sourcing probably requires a team of 50, not me alone.
But as and when given the opportunity, I will try and hope anyone of you out there will do the same thing too.


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