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The independence monument

The Official locations
(The Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, Museum..)

Wat Phnom
The temple that has a history relates to origin of the Capital, Phnom Penh

Other temples / Pagodas
Very local-type of Buddhist Practices


Selective Buddhist landmarks
in the capital city of
Phnom Penh
The Kingdom of Cambodia
Formerly known as Kampuchea or kambuja

Population: approx. 13 million.
Group:- Khmer 90%
Theravada Buddhist 95%, other 5%
Currency: Riel approx. USD1-00=4000 Riels
Voltage: 220 / 50 hz

History and Background of Cambodia

History of Phnom Penh (most orderly, I think)
Map A & Map B of Phnom Penh
Their Majesties the
King & The Queen
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National Assembly
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Phnom Penh
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Cambodian Political Premier Hun Sen

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Asian Landamrks Series by MIR

After my earlier journal to Burma in March, 2005. I had generated a little urge inside in visiting other nearby ASEAM Nations. Between Laos, Cambodia and even slightly off-the trade route of Sri-Lanka (Ceylon); I had chosen Cambodia as the first destination. Actually, it came as coincidental trip as a business survey requirement required me to make a trip there, went Phnom Penh in December, so, that was how this site came about after its various visual and content after the visit.

Cambodia has been much publicized by many negative media reports over past few decades. Very few people actually thought of establishing business presence over there. But Malaysian was among the forerunner in exploring such potentials (Among the ASEAM members, Malaysian is the only country being exempted from applying Visas prior to visit, regardless business or leisure). Further, as new airline operators such as Air Asia began offering quite reasonable air fair, it has made Cambodia growing in popularity among many Malaysian as its choice for holidays.

Most people would easily regard
Angkor Wat as their primary destination whenever relates to Cambodia; but due to business commitment, I have to stay at the capital city of Phnom Penh. I thought it was fine as a 5-days business-cum-holiday schedule, I should be able to explore something out of nothing - even if I have no clue of whereabouts and what should I do when I was there.

Religious belief in Cambodia also had a long history in tracking back to approx. 600 A.D. from India. Buddhism remains as the primary religious belief in this Kingdom with a rough population of 13 million. The boundaries between Hindu influence and Buddhism was a mixed (and a little blur as well) and has cast a very strong influence in the various image forms. Unlike popular Thai practice, wearable votive images from local legends and guru monks are quite a rare practice. Most of the image size are of medium to large scale which makes it quite similar to the form in Burma/Myanmar. This may not interest to some of you who are fond of small amulets collecting. However, during this trip, I also had the opportunity to witness some of the best and most amazing in Buddhist art form not easily found in other nearby countries.

In order to lead you easier to browse around in this site; I have separated the visual content into three main sections. i.e.

Official Locations (
Palace, Museum, Silver Pagoda);
Wat Phnom - Best representation of publicly accessed local Buddhist Landmark
Selective Wat and Pagodas in an around it capital City of Phnom Penh

Supplementary: Some Background & History of of Cambodia/Phnom Penh
Streets of Phnom Penh - Photography

I don't intend to use this as a case study kind of web resources. But rather, I hope the soft introduction of Cambodian Buddhist practice may give some of you who still not have visited this Nation a way to get a rough idea in their different approaches. Besides, for tourists and/or travelers, some of these content/visual may also help you to gather and compile some traveling tips or reschedule your trip to Cambodia. . Enjoy.

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This site is rather graphic intensive, please ensure you have broad band access. As a matter of reference, this site is made up of 25MB of raw data in Jpegs, HTML files.