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Old French Colonial stype building in Cambodia A Islamic Mosque in Phnom Penh Inside a Buddhist squarter in Cambodia

Economic development at out skirt of Phnom Penh is not in tandem with the city, but it will ... in time to come.

A lone Islamic Mosque - a clear representation of free practice of religious belief in Cambodia

Motorcycles make up the bulk of the local way of life. Everywhere are service centers as well as wash & cleaning services along the road outside the city center.

Old French Colonial stype building in Cambodia A Islamic Mosque in Phnom Penh Inside a Buddhist squarter in Cambodia

A typical old building with a rich French flavor under the past colonial period

Blue Diamond Restaurant retains the old colonial feel and look. Serves delightfully good Chinese and western dishes - as well as their famous French toasted Bread. More page.

One of the hot spot for tourist to Phnom Penh, the about 100 years old Central Market. Sells plenty of local mechanized goods, including household commodities, crystals and gemstones.

Inside a Buddhist squarter in Cambodia

A live concert for the public in progress near the riverbank night market. Could be an weekend affair only.

The main Clock is replaced with a larger digital clock at the center stage of the Central Market.

Buddhist temples can be found in many places. This particular one is undergoing restoration at the SEA hotel and the busiest road of the city center.

This is not a representing shot of the street scene at Phnom Penh but it was just a quick photo snap near a busy traffic light junction.

The scene inside the a senior monk's little squarer at Sraa Chok Pagoda, at first I am afraid they don't permit photo session.. no, they do.

Outside and inside of Central Market can be a world of difference in the mechandise. The surrounding markets are mainly engaged with household goods, collectibles oldies, fruits, toys for kids etc.

Main Business District of Phnom Pehn City

Wrong tag on wedding ...

Mekong River side Workers at work

One of the main street of Phnom Penh, con be regarded as the business centre with hotels, banks, restaurants, nigh clubs and even governmental agencies... all at the same route.

Day and night, Phnom Pehn city traffic which makes up of continuous flow of privately-owned cars, Taxis and most of all, motorcycles kick s up the pulse of their Nation.

Mekong river, for centuries has been the arteries of exononic activities is still active. Workers who depends on the h20 gateway to make a living are at works.

Bonus ? ...Errr .the link to next page here is not particularly eyes pleasing but there are a few shots that I like...

Or you can select Other Street Photography of which are of lesser visual interest but more inclined to daily activities of the locals at Phnom Penh City.


Andy_Eames_anit-Aids.jpg Andy_Eames_cambodia_series.jpg Andy_Eames_cambodia_Series4.jpg Andy_Eames_cambodia_S.jpg
Recently, I came across a very good photographer, Andy Eames who covers a project in Cambodia. The originals are meant for use in my website on Canon EOS-1N - but I decided to use for some of you to take a look at his works as well. Cambodia Documentary Series: March commemorating National AIDS day in Phnom Penh May 2002. Credit: Image courtesy of Andy Eames ® who has his Portfolio at Pbase. Image copyright © 2005. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

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Official Locations (Palace, Museum, Silver Pagoda);
Wat Phnom - Best representation of publicly accessed local Buddhist Landmark
Selective Wat and Pagodas in an around it capital City of Phnom Penh

Supplementary: Some Background & History of of Cambodia/Phnom Penh

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Wat Keschaiyo, Anthong

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