.this page is all about some notmal scene in Phnom Penh city. Just to provide you with an idea of the daily activities of the people living in this capital city of Phnom Penh. Empahsis is not on photography but true to life state of visuals. That is all.

Old French Colonial stype building in Cambodia A Islamic Mosque in Phnom Penh

If you can afford - Phnom Penh city has many 5-stars rated hotels like Rafles, Inter-Continental etc. I moved from Cambodian to Phnom Penh Hotel later - value of $$$. A top rated 4-5 stars class hotel with elevated facilities in accordance to rate and floor levels. 1st floor is adjecent to the swimming pool.. good.

One of the tourist attraction, Independence Monument. Slightly off the main route but very close to Naga Casino, National Assembly and the Royal Palace. Only complaint is, it is located as the center of a round about and stopped for photo session requires a little PR with the traffic police.

A Islamic Mosque in Phnom Penh Inside a Buddhist squarter in Cambodia

A scene near the river bank, the opposite is a busy spots for tourist and locals who often spend their evening.

Busy ? as it shows during a weekend on this side of the river, near the outside of the Royal Palace.

This is probably the busiest shopping mall in Phnom Penh. Goods are normal but the supermarket inside is a good place to fill your fridge in your hotel room. hehe..

Wedding hot season during our stay. Note the fashion used ? The center picture detailed a wrong tag on man and the last picture was a typical reception during the wedding dinner held at a hotel. Cambodian girls are pretty, aren't they ?


Motorcycles can accommodate many passengers - the highest record we witnessed is SIX ! For tourist, if you dare - consider rent a bike for around USD7-00 ~ 12-00 a day or you can even have the owner as tour guide.



A side lane alley at Phnom penh

a scene in and outside the central market, it may has hundreds of small stores, selling various goods. The center locations are mainly trading watches, jewelry electrical / communication items/tools and cosmetics.

Off the main business district, the subsidiary roads and building is crowded, busy, smoky, dusty and noisy... but it also reflects the moving economy among locals.

blude_diamond_restaurant_Am.jpg Local favourite - french Bread

The top and bottom picture shown one of the local favorite of French Bread (courtesy of Blue Diamond Restaurant); it comes with ham, cheese, magerine and a few "unknown" slices of meat sweet and sour vegetables.

Err ... 30% of the local vehicles in Phnom Penh city are WITHOUT a number plate. And I have not seen so many Toyota's Lexus moving around in any place in Asia (many have body guards(s) as drivers). Many locals gave me different kind of explanations and I cannot get a conclusive answer to this. The hawk-eyed police here are very good at identifying tourists who drive or ride even if I had an international driving licence. So, we use the most primitive way .... to sort problems out. @%#$*!@(!!

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Official Locations (Palace, Museum, Silver Pagoda);
Wat Phnom - Best representation of publicly accessed local Buddhist Landmark
Selective Wat and Pagodas in an around it capital City of Phnom Penh

wallpaperLink.jpg ChaingMai.jpg


Wat Keschaiyo, Anthong

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