Fascinating Buddhist Landmarks in Asia
The Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda and National Museum , Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia

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Cambodia practices democracy but retains the Monarchy with King Norodom Sihamoni as the Chief of State (son of former King, HM King Norodom Sihanouk, succeeded the throne on 29 October, 2004, the coronation event was captured by many foreign media, including a Malaysian Newsmen). This site is not touching on sensitive political issues but rather, just a soft introduction on some fascinating landmarks for your preparation to Cambodia - Cambodia is NOT all about Angkor Wat... at the capital city of Phnom Penh, you can find plenty of exciting locations for your visit to this Kingdom as well.

This is the front view of the Royal Palace, it is easily the most prominent landmark in Phnom Pehn city. It was believed to have been first contructed when Phnom Penh was officially reinstated as the Capital City from Udong City in 1865 after series of changes in the political landscape. At the front; facing the river interchange between Mekong and Togle Sap river and is one of the the activity center in the city, where locals love to spend their late afternoon strolling and gathering around the well-rennovated riverside for evening walks. One way or another, very similar to Thailand's culture, Cambodian people also have deep respect in their heart for their King and throne. So, despite went through various stages in political landscapes over the past centuries; the status has not been attempt to revert the formation of Cambodian belief. The following pages are some photos that I took during this trip, they may not be great but should be good enough to lead you through a visual journal of how this great Palace looks like. Perhaps, one day, you can consider to add it in your itenary for a visit.

Within a square mile near the Royal Palace, there are a few other locations of equally interesting to laeve a postcard picture for your visit to Phnom Penh; where all of them actually interelate to the livelihood, political belief, nationalism, culture and heritage of Cambodian. Lastly, the original motive I had for this site creation is more on Buddhism and images of Buddhist art and I thought Museum and Royal Palace SHOULD be the ideal place for me to acquire & take some good photos and pictures on some of the rare, raw Cambodian Buddhist images - WRONG - until I realize that is not possible as photography session in these locations are STRICTLY prohibited. Well, as an alternative usage of the pictures I took, may be I think I can compromise and use them as information pictures.

This site is rather graphic intensive, please ensure you have broadband access.

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Enlarged Picture for National Aseembly building

Cambodian National Museum LINK

The National Assembly Building

The National Museum of Cambodia

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Official Site of the
King and Queen of Cambodia
Profile on HM
Norodom Sihanouk
Profile on
current King Sihamoni, Cambodia
The Coronation King Norodom Sihamoni ~ by Antonio Graceffo

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