Fascinating Buddhist Landmarks in Asia
The Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda and National Museum , Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia

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Not a nice experience with an unintentional episode inside the temple, as the plain clothed guards are quite rude for my accidental tripping of a camera which trickle the stupid flash. However, for some of you who may be interested in images, this place hosts probably many of the BEST of what you can think of Cambodian Buddhist Art in the form of Buddha images..what a pity and remains a regret for me on this visit to Cambodia for unable to record many of them.... as these also an essence of Khmer civilizations A main attraction for this Pagoda is due to the use of almost 5000 silver tiles of 1 kg each that cover the entire floor for its construction (but it was covered by carpet to preservation). The current state of the temple was reconstructed in 1962 as the original was a wood structure.

The Silver Pagoda is undoubtedly an amazing landmark within the landmarks. The center stage of the Silver Pagoda is an few feet tall Emerald Buddha, (much larger in dimension than comparing Bangkok's Phra Keow emerald Buddha but of lighter in colour and from an un confirmed source said it is made of green baccarat crystal). Surrounding the main center stage that positions the Emerald Buddha image that site high up are hundreds of Lord Buddha's images of varying sizes, forms in either gold, silver, bronze and or jade. Many of them are also with dazzling lines of small precious stones like ruby, sapphires or diamond covered decorations.

Well', although no photo sessions inside the premises but outside - they do provide a section for visitors to take home a picture or two for being here at last ...

Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda ...

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