The Redang Archipelago, Terengganu's central marine park, is Malaysia's oldest and most studied. It comprises nine islands, Pulau Redang itself is the largest, Pulau Pinang is much smaller and there are seven islets, Pulau Kerengga Besar, Pulau Kerengga Kecil, Pulau Paku Besar, Pulau Paku Kecil, Pulau Ekor Tebu, Pulau Ling (also called Pulau Chipor) and Pulau Lima.

Situated 45km northeast of Kuala Terengganu by ferry, this area has good visibility and the most prolific coral reefs in Peninsular Malaysia. Off Pulau Ling, there are two huge boulder corals (Porites Sp.), the largest known coral structures off Peninsular Malaysia. Porites corals grow very slowly so these massive structures could be hundreds of years old.

Staghorn, table and boulder corals dominate the shallow reef flats and coral gardens, soft corals, encrusting corals and sea anemones are found on the steep granite cliffs.

Hawksbill and Green turtles nest along the west coast of Pulau Redang and the remarkable variety of jellyfish attract passing Leatherback turtles. The largest of the marine turtles, the Leatherbacks used to nest regularly on Terengganu's beaches but are now relatively rare. Reef fish and pelagic species are plentiful with many of the smaller fish shoaling in large numbers. Manta Rays and Whale Sharks are often encountered.

One of the exciting aspects of diving at Pulau Redang is being able to find a large variety of shrimps. Many species of shrimps thrive commensally with larger creatures, mainly acting as cleaners. Living on their hosts' waste products or as parasites they blend in with the host for protection.


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