At last, a commercial version of winder / motordrive for Hasselblad, though came few decades late. Earlier, you can only has one option, that is using ELX if you want motorised hasslebald. In 1996, a new camera model, a new winder, three new viewfinders, a new flash unit, a 1.4X teleconverter, improved focusing screens and a new tripod quick-coupling have been added.

With the new Winder CW the Hasselblad 503CW and 503CXi are turned into efficient motor-driven cameras. The winder replaces the winding crank and fits tightly against the camera body. Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip which facilitates hand-held photography in all positions.

The Winder CW can be set to single exposure, continuous exposure, multiple exposure, infrared remote control and lock/off. An exciting feature is the SAI (Self Adjusting Interface) - which not only senses whether the camera is wound but also the subtle characteristics of each individual camera body. The winder then adjusts itself to minimize wear and tear on the camera and the motor.

For secure handling a Wrist strap can be attached to the winder.
Never intend to offend anybody. Many wondering why it took so long for Hasselblad to produce a motorised version of winder for their superp line of cameras.

For those who want to know why, there is a behind the screen story. It relates directly to a company called Alphoto in Malaysia. Which I suggest you should take a look at their products too as an alternative source. Hey, you have to respect a company that can made Hasselblad who has spent so much time dealing with them, before the deal was off and have to do some modification of some of the newer models to avoid some copyright stuffs.

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