THIS PLANAR LENS is characterised by an extremely uniformb edge-to-edge sharpness at all apertures, resulting from the excellent correction of all lens aberrations. As indicated by its name, the astigmatic flatness of the image field is outstanding. The 80mm Planar is available with and without shutter enabling all Hasselblad SLR cameras to be used with this standard focal length. The FE (non built-in shutter lenses) version is provided with the same optical specifications. Considered as a "standard" lens in the 6X6 format. One of the most versatile lens, good speed, and very high optical quality.

Specifications Optical construction

Max. Aperture 2.8 Focal Length 80.5mm Diaphragm 2.8-22 Angle of View, Diag./Horizontal 52°/38° No. of Elements 7 T* Focusing Range 3 ft-infinity (0.9m) Weight 1 lb 2 oz (510g) Length 2 9/16 in (65mm) Filter Æ 60

PLANAR CF F/3.5 100 MM 

DESIGNED TO ACHIEVE the optimum ratio of lens speed to focal length, the 100 mm Planar is distinguished by an outstanding image rendition and freedom from distortion. Its 100 mm focal length makes it an excellent standard lens, as well as a short telephoto in all applications where the highest image quality is required. The degree of distortion correction attained is outstanding. Usually, any thng started from 100mm & above (equivalent to 80mm in 35mm SLR lenses) will yield very pleasant result, at least through the viewfinder. Somehow, neither it's too short nor too long, just like the 60mm, often being ignore by photographers in general. This is especially true when you are working with budget and often there will be compromises.

Specifications :  Optical construction

Max. Aperture 3.5 Focal Length 100.3mm Diaphragm 3.5-22 Angle of View, Diag./Horizontal 42°/30° No. of Elements 5 T* Focusing Range 3 ft-infinity (0.9m) Weight 1 lb 5 1/4 oz (605g) Length 2 15/16 in (75mm) Filter Æ 60


THE DESIGNATION "MAKRO" reveals that this lens possesses an optimum image correction at close range. It is a lens to be recommended when maximum corner-to-corner quality is demanded in close-up work, especially when photographing flat copy, where high contrast is also a requirement. The lens consists of 6 elements in 4 groups arranged almost symmetrically to the iris diaphragm. The Makro-Planar lens performs best in the region of slightly reduced imaging of the subject. The shortest taking distance of 0.8m (reproduction ratio of 1:4.5) can be set using the helical focusing mount. By inserting the Hasselblad extension tube 32 the macro range can be increased to 1:2. Click here to see one of the article on close up. I like this lens personally - more to the fact that it is very versatile, both act as a short telephoto and able to close up yourself to minute detailing of subjects. Optical quality is equally stunning.

Specifications :  Optical construction

Max. Aperture 4 Focal Length 120.9m Diaphragm 4-32 Angle of View, Diag./Horizontal 37°/25° No. of Elements 6 T* Focusing Range 2 ft 7 in-infinity (0.8) Weight 1 lb 8 1/2 oz (695g) Length 3 7/8 in (99mm) Filter Æ 60


THE MAKRO-PLANAR f/5.6 135MM lens has no focusing ring and is designed for use with a bellows extension. With the bellows extension, the focusing range of the lens is continuous from infinity down to 1:1, life-size magnification. Like the 120mm Makro-Planar lens the 135mm is optimally corrected for close-up work but it is also an excellent lens for general photography where maximum image quality and freedom from distortion are required. So un-fortunate that the lens was not as the Makro-120mm (which has to mount and used in conjuncton with the bellows in this case). That cerainly was a killer for its popularity, but this lens is design for specific photography in and out of the studio with all other close up accessories available. The true potentials of this lens can be of great use.

Specifications : Optical construction

Max. Aperture 5.6 Focal Length 137.1mm Angle of View, Diag./Horizontal 32°/23° No. of Elements 7 T* Focusing Range - Weight 1 lb 6 oz (625g) Length 3 7/16 in (87mm) Filter Æ 60

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