Zeiss Ikon/Voigtlander, Contarex Hologon Superwide Camera w/ 8/15 (15mm f/8.0)
& other Hologon Ultra-wideangle lens variations


Zeiss Ikon / Contarex 8/15 Hologon lens on Hologon Superwide camera

Victor Hasselblad SWC range of camera -LINK   Not many cameras were made because of a lens. One simple example is/was the medium format Hasselblad fixed lens Superwide (SWC) Series that was built around the Zeiss 4.5/38mm BIOGON. For 35mm film format, the Zeiss Ikon Contarex HOLOGON Superwide camera was another. The center of the camera was a 15mm f/8.0 Hologon ultra-wideangle lens which offers a sweeping 110° picture angle which reputedly delivers extremely high contrast and resolution yet has remarkable even illumination across the entire picture field.
This site was my second project after the 2001's CONTAX RTS SLR Series to relate resources on Zeiss. This was when I begin the site construction of the rangefinder Nippon Kogaku / RF Nikkor site and I was thinking I should also take the opportunity to address some of the great, classic lenses appeared during the rangefinder days. Please take note that this is made possible due to contributions of various images/pictures by respective seasoned on-line camera equipment dealers. IF not for their deliveries of pictures/photos via the Network, I guess this would not be possible or at least I would never started this Hologon showcase. Thank You.

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Credit: Image courtesy of Mr. Peter Coeln from LEICA Shop®, Austria who also operates a popular Westlicht Auction House as well as some of the primary Images courtesy of camera$@EBAY® who also operates an EBAY STORE. Both online trade centres can find many used RARE pieces of Nikon, Leica and other old classic photo equipment, ALL images appeared herein belongs to the respective contributors and are copyright © 2008. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.