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This is a new section specifically created for rangefinder system users. I guess users of RF bodies/lenses users have a distinctive taste in their own. Most of all, they are a mix of collectors, photographers, historian etc. who may be having keen interest in the photographic equipment produced during the old days. But I guess most of allm, they are the elite group who are more to appreciative the excellence of mechanical / optical engineering presenting in the rangefinder system made during the older days. As it is rather hard to satisfy everyone intention when it relates to a website as each may have their own preferences on brands or types. Over the years, I have constructed quite a number of sites featuring a series of selective camera models and/or optics but they were all related to Single lens reflex (SLR) systems but not really focused on the rangefinder system yet. So,m technically, the RF-Nikon/Nikkor section is my first attempt. When I first started the site, I simply felt it is so unfair just to concentrate on the Nikon/Nikkor alone as there are so many good photographic systems with other major labels. So, other than my initail effort on the Nikon/Nikor, I am also taking the chance begin compiling some of the other information on other respectful labels as supplementary information for surfers. As there are already many excellent, established resources on the Network on the ame topic , probablyt I don't have to pursue one by one in details but simply confine my own effort within the early series of Nippon Kogaku and Nikkor only but I would also take the opportunity to introduce other equally good photograophic resources from comparing brands. This Message Board was created just for that purpose to patch things that I feel that might be missing in my own PIM site - as well as to provide a gateway for those that were not being featured yet. You may use it for whatever you think / deem suitable - regardless it is questions & answers (Q&A) or just make good use of it to share experience among one another on the rangefinder system. Lastly, as some of the remarks presented herein may be entirely personal and I do not wish to influence any decision prior to any potential purchases or disposal of your equipment. Naturally, you are always encouraged to make good use of this convenience of the MB here to present your own thoughts / views as well. Enjoy.

This site is specifically created for any rangefinder camera models and/or optical group of the system, its creator. Please don't mail me other than constructive suggestions or rectifying mistakes found in this site, thanking you. Since this is a non-profitable resource site - The developer of this site reserves the rights to censor or delete any inappropriate, unrelated, misleading or excessively hostile messages posted herein. If your intention is to dispose your Rangefinder camera(s), lenses or its accompanying accessories or looking for a used model or any of its system components, please use a separate section with a higher volume of traffic Free Trade Zone site instead. The Photography In Malaysia has no Guestbook on its own, because it is an integral part of the MIR site. But if you want to leave a note on your experience visiting this site, you may use the MIR's Guestbook at another new window by clicking on the Guestbook Link.

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1. From : Stephanie (
Url :
Date : 04:38 AM Thursday 24 October, 2013

Hi, I am Stephanie from L&H Auction, an Hong Kong base auction house specializing in sales the classic camera, lenses and related accessories.(mostly Leica)
I love your Leica/Leitz rangefinder page!There are so many detail can found by you site!
Regarding to camera images on your site, i am wondering if it is possible to let us provide some camera/lens images to you? as we have collect a lot of cameras, maybe there will have some interesting detail you like :)
you may visit our website or contact me directly!
Looking forward to hearing from you!


2. From : Alex (
Url : http://
Date : 07:04 AM Monday 21 October, 2013

Test from technical team, please ignore

3. From : Brian Willis (
Url : http://
Date : 12:27 AM Sunday 02 June, 2013

Came across a Nikon S rangefinder in my grandmothers attic. It appears to be in excellent condition. It is one of the 1200 or so with an 8 digit serial number. Interested in selling it. Any body interested?

4. From : Mario (
Url : http://
Date : 03:14 PM Sunday 09 January, 2011

Dear leofoo, you best wishes for this brand new 2011,

I provide you one more info I've got straight from POLYPHOTO: the number of Leica M6 and R7 DEMO ITALIA (and their Summicron 50) was 70 for each model, and not 90 as I told you earlier (as written in Leicapassion).

So you can correct the link with this.
Bye. Mario

5. From : Rick Oleson (
Url : http://
Date : 03:11 PM Sunday 09 January, 2011

Hello Jimmy:

There is an instruction manual for the Nikon SP and one for the BC-7 flash on the MIR site. The manual for the flash is at

and the relevant pages for flash synch in the camera manual are at

You can use any standard flash on the Nikon SP, connecting it via the flash's PC connection cable. If your flash does not have a PC cable, or if the cable is missing, you may be out of luck since the camera does not have a "hot" accessory shoe.

If you use an electronic flash, set the camera's shutter speed to 60 and the flash synch setting to FX (see the camera manual pages above for details on the flash synch setting - if you have a Nikon F, the SP system is just the same). You can use any standard PC-equipped electronic flash, and take advantage of its onboard exposure control system according to the instructions for the flash unit.

If you use the BC-7 or another bulb type flash, refer to the tables in the camera manual pages to determine the correct shutter speed and synch settings for the type of bulb you are using. Again, you will need to have the PC cable for the flash, rather than using the built-in "hot shoe" connection.

If you have an unknown flash bulb type, I would set the shutter speed to 30 and the synch to FX; this combination, if you can live with the slow shutter speed, will work with just about any type of flash, either bulb or electronic.

I hope this helps - enjoy your camera!

Rick Oleson

6. From : Schoster J (
Url : http://
Date : 03:10 PM Sunday 09 January, 2011

I am lucky to own a Nikon SP limited edition 2005 range finder camera and I have two questions:

1. what is the best flash to use with this camera
2. I also own a Nikon BC-7 flash and how can I connect the flash to the Nikon SP: which adapter should I get?

Thank you so much. Your site is very useful and well done.

7. From : sarfuddin (
Url : http://
Date : 01:27 AM Tuesday 04 January, 2011

For the Leica M6 Platinum Schmidt Group centanary Sdition what is the on going market value if one were to sell or buy the unit. Thanks

8. From : kakaman (
Url :
Date : 02:41 PM Wednesday 15 December, 2010

Site Progress Update (15.12.2010) :- Mario from Italy had submitted photos of his LEICA M6 Polyphoto s.p.A 1995 model for this site. The information can be accessed via the link below:

9. From : scott (
Url : http://
Date : 03:01 PM Friday 03 December, 2010

My Nikon S2 Rangefinder synchronization is poor as a result of a firm bump. I had a factory rep. service and repair and later the synchronization went out again. I want a permanent repair. In family since 1957. Thanks in advance, Scott

10. From : Rick Oleson (
Url :
Date : 08:20 AM Tuesday 28 September, 2010

Hi Walter:

I don't know what kind of assistance you need, but I would suggest listing it on eBay; there will certainly be interested buyers. Second choice would be to call, I think they will offer you a fair price but of course it will be significantly less than you could get by selling it directly yourself... they have their own bills to pay.

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