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Tandem Control Unit

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This is the control system for multiple angle observation photography which played such an important role at the Sapporo Olympics. This system has complete control over up to 6 sets of motor drive at the same time. Basically, it has two methods of control:

A separate control for continuous photography and a parallel control for simultaneous photography. Since the timer is provided to control intervals of operation, this control unit can be used for various programs of photography.

1. Simultaneous High Speed Photography in Series High speed photography of 18 frames per second is possible driving 6 cameras at the same time. This method is suitable for analysis of subjects moving at high speeds, but not changing position such as photographing a golfer's swing.

2. Sequential High Speed Photography in Series

The moving subject is caught by cameras which shoot in succession. This method is used for analyzing motion, of a moving subject such as a runner.

3. Multiple Angle Parallel Photography

An object is shot from various direction simultaneously. This method is used for multiple angle observation in long time recording.

Operation for the above-mentioned complex aspects of photography can be performed by manipulation of the buttons. The control unit panel is provided with a set of dials for the cameras to be used, the switches for series or parallel photography and for single frame or continuous photography, and an interval timer dial with a range of intervals up to 1 minute. An indicator dial to confirm the operation of each camera is also incorporated. Each motor drive unit uses its own power source.

* This is a special request manufactured item.

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