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A year after a series of sequential launches from a few top camera manufacturers, most noticeable was the Nikon F-3 and the Pentax's LX , both in early segment of the 1980. the photographic community was anxiously awaiting for the successor of the Canon original F-1, of which its 10 years product cycle was due, and expectation was high for an upgrade.

The New F-1 was officially introduced in March and only started marketing in September, 1981. Its introduction had long been awaited by the industry as the successor to the Canon's earlier successful entry into the professional arena with the
original Canon F-1 - Canon's top of-the-line 35mm camera during the 70's and the model that gained a initial foothold for Canon into demanding professional user's market. The decade long intense research and development along with careful image building planning, they also actively sought the opinions of professional photographers of all persuasions to accumulate useful input for consideration during the conceptual, designing stage. This legacy of experience and insight into the special requirements of the professional proved invaluable in developing a camera for upgrade: the New F-1. Undoubtedly, the professional photographic world has a serious contender and a new option to look at other than the Nikon now - which has its clear supremacy before the arrival of the New F-1, despite the original F-1's courageous attempt earlier with the F-1. In many ways, the New F-1 was aimed to better off than its "virtual" rival, the Nikon F3. It is the only professional camera available during the eighties that has shutter priority automation capability Canon has thus established and held a strong hold in the sports, wildlife and action packed market. The pool for serious users was also expanding in a very rapid pace, after realizing what the New F-1 system has to offer. Thus, after a generation from the original F-1, Canon System finally gained its status and had the endorsement of users around the globe as a truly professional photographic system, of which, much has to thank for with this awesome camera and its system accessories.

Its Concept, Its System
finders, Metering, Exposures Control,
Issues, Shutter Mechanism;
Drives/Winder, Data Film backs
Flash Photography, Macro/Close-up,
Focusing Screens, Remote photography.

Instruction Manual(s):
Camera | Motor Drive

The New Canon F-1 variations:
Instruction Manual for Canon New F-1 High Speed Motor Drive Camera in HTML format is available now.

Resources on Canon New F1 Produced by various Canon enthusiasts:
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Instruction Manual in PDF format. Prepared by: Lars Heineken <>
Service Manual for Canon New F-1 (13.4MB PDF file) by Richard Hilber Tirol / Austria (New)
Resources by Christian Rollinger: -
Canon Remote Switch 60 Manual | Canon New F-1 World (books) | Canon New F1 AE-FN Finder Instruction Manual | Canon New F1 Power Winder FN Instruction Manual | Canon New F1 Motor Drive FN Instruction Manual | Canon New F1 Databack FN Instruction Manual | Canon New F1 Speed Finder Instruction Manual

Side14mmviewSML.jpg   Limited Edition Variants:
High Speed Motor Drive Camera, 1984 - with Instruction Manual
New Canon F-1
L.A. Olympic 1984 (New)
US Navy Canon New F-1

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Canon Manual Focus FDn
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Canon autofocus
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Along with the development of the New F-1, Canon has equally and heavily rebuilding its image on its optical side in the
FD lenses. New exciting optics were introduced, most noticeable was the "L' series lenses, designated to supplement for professional usage. I am not a historian. Mere a passenger, having the luxury of seeing the complete life cycle of the Canon New F-1. I couldn't resist the temptation, owned it and disposed off eventually when Canon announced the new EF mount on its EOS series much due to upgrading and compatibility issue. But after ten years of the disposal, I have bought a used but mint condition set again purely from the perspective as a collector, may sound stupid to many, but that tells what is the charm of this camera embedded within.

This site, along with many other classic cameras, chronicles a photographic legend.

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