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Several devices enable you to operate the New F-1 from a distance by remote control. They are used in conjunction with either the AE Motor Drive FN or AE Power Winder FN. The Wireless Controller LC-1 permits shooting by wireless from up to 60m away, making it ideal for wildlife photography. To take pictures at regularly timed intervals there is the Interval Timer TM-1 Quartz. Settable in 14 stages from one frame per second to one every 30 minutes, its applications range from industrial photography to recording scientific experiments.

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Remote control photography is finding increasingly wide applications on our own place, regardless shooting in wildlife, behind a action filled goal mouth or in hazardous industrial environments. And pictures taken at regularly timed intervals are contributing to our knowledge in the fields of meteorology and astronomy by recording the formation of clouds and the movements of planets and stars. In the natural sciences, they enable us to study the growth of microorganisms, plants and insects.

For time-lapse photography, the Interval Timer TM-1 Quartz can be quite useful with its 14 different time settings, from one shot per second to one every 30 minutes. Other handy units are available for remote control by cable.

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Accessories that may be helpful to start off with remote or unmanned photography within your New F-1 system are detailed below (work in combination or individually, as it applies):

Film Chamber FN-100
Film Magazine FN-lO0
Film Loader 250
AE Motor Drive FN
Battery Pack FN
Battery Magazine FN
Battery Cord C-FN
Ni-Cd Pack FN
Ni-Cd Charger MA/FN
ID Connecting Pack FN
Connecting Cord AD
AC/DC Converter AD-10
AE Power Winder FN
Extension Cord E1000
Interval Timer TM-1 Ouartz
Remote Switch 3
Remote Switch 60
Datai Back FN

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An Japanese publication has shown two shutter release button which are designed to be water resisting.

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