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Specifications of the New Canon F-1 Camera

35mm single-lens reflex (SLR) camera
24 x 36mm
Interchangeable Lenses:
Canon FD (for full-aperture metering) and Canon FL, R and non-FD (for stopped-down metering) series lenses.
Exposure Modes:
Match-needle and stopped-down manual ex-
posure. Shutter-priority, aperture-priority, stopped-down AE and flash
AE by attaching main accessories.
Standard interchangeable eye-level pentaprism: 97% coverage, 0.8x magnification at infinity with a standard lens. Aperture scale from f/1.2 to f/32, over- and underexposure warning marks, meter and aperture needles, battery check/stopped-down metering index, shutter speed displayed.
Viewfinder Illuminator:
Lights display for 16 seconds when meter
mode selector is set to LIGHT and shutter button pressed halfway.
Eyeplece Shutter:
Dioptric Adjustment:
Built-in eyepiece adjusted to standard -1 diopter.
Focusing Screens:
Interchangeable. 13 types available.
Light Metering System:
TTL metering by silicon photocell (SPC).Center-weighted average, selective-area, spot metering available by changing focusing screens.
Meter Coupling Range:
EV-1 to EV 20 with ISO 100 film, f/1.4 lens.
Exposure Preview:
By turning meter mode selector to one of three modes and pressing shutter button halfway.
Meter Modes:
NORMAL: meters as long as shutter button is pressed halfway.
HOLD: meters for 16 sec.
LIGHT: meters for 16 sec.and viewfinder information is illuminated. Cancellation possible.
Exposure Compensation Dial:
+2 f/stop range in 1/3 f/stop increments.
Horizontal-travel, titanium focal-plane shutter with four spindles. Electromechanical hybrid control.
Mechanical control: 1/2000 to 1/125 sec., sync (1/90 sec.), "B."
Electronic control: 1/60 to 8 secs.
Mechanical Shutter Release:
By removing battery from battery chamber. Only mechanically controlled speeds can be used.
ISO (ASA) Film Speed Scale:
ISO 6-6400.
Shutter Dial:
1/2000 to 8 sec., "A," "B" (bulb) and Sycn (1/90 sec.)
Shutter Button:
Shutter Button: Two-step with electromagnetic release. Mechanicalwhen battery is removed from the camera. Set main switch to "L" tolock. with cable release socket.

Main Switch:
Three positions: "A," "L" (shutter lock), "S" (self-timer).
Electronically controlled. Main switch set to "S." Activated by pressing shutter button. Ten-second delay with electronic "beep-beep" sound, which accelerates two sees. before shutter release. Cancellation possible.
Stop down Slide:
For depth-of-field preview (FD lens) or stopped down metering (non-FD lens or close-up accessories).
Power Source:
One 6V lithium, alkaline-manganese, or silver oxide battery. Battery lasts about one year under normal use.Battery Check:
Battery Check:
By pressing battery check button. Battery power sufficient if meter needle registers above battery check index.
Multiple Exposure:
By engaging rewind lever before recocking the shutter. Cancelled by lightly pressing shutter button.
Flash Synchronization:
Speeds up to 1/90 sec. with electronic flash, FP- and M-sync at 1/30 sec. or slower. Direct contact at accessory shoe for hot-shoe flash. Threaded PC socket (JIS-B type) for cord-type or multiple flash photography. Accessory shoe has contact for normal auto flash and special contact for AE flash with specified Canon Speedlites. Automatic Flash: With Canon Speedlites, shutter speed automatically set to s1/90 sec. with any shutter dial setting except "B." Auto aperture control with AE Power Winder FN or AE Motor Drive FN attached.
Camera Back:
Opened by pressing safety stopper while pulling up rewind knob. Removable for attaching Data Back FN or Film Chamber FN-100. With memo holder.
Film Loading:
Via multi-slot take-up spool.
Film Advance Lever:
Single-stroke 139° throw with 30° stand-off. Ratchet winding possible
Frame Counter:
Additive type. Automatically resets to "S" upon opening camera back. Advances during multiple exposures.
Film Rewinding:
By releasing rewind lever ("R") and turning rewind crank. "R" automatically resets when camera back is opened or when shutter button is lightly pressed.
146.7mm(W) x 48.3mm(D) x 96.6mm(H)
795g body only; 1,030g with FD 50mm f/1.4 lens.

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