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Film Speed Range

One of the widest ranges of any 35mm SLR, the ASA 6-6400 film speed
provides plenty of latitude for push-processing films.
The ASA is clearly displayed in the window for easy reference.

Film Advance Lever

The film advance lever has a 30° stand-off angle for readiness in action photography. Contoured to fit the thumb for comfortable and efficient operation, the lever allows single or multiple stroke film advance.

Battery Check Button

Press this button to monitor the battery condition. Power is sufficient if the meter needle moves above the battery check mark in the viewfinder. The button also serves to cancel the self-timer exposure meter and viewfinder illumination, as well as to release the second shutter curtain during long exposures.

Safety Stopper

A safety lock eliminates all risk of accidentally opening the camera back and exposing the film. To open, simultaneously depress the stopper and lift the rewind knob.

Canon Breech-lock Mount

The breech-lock mount is an exclusive feature which assures total interchangeability of all Canon lenses and accessories. Lens change is effected in one swift motion.

Exposure Compensation

Exposure compensation up to +2EV is possible for special creative effects. Calibrated in 1/3 EV increments, the dial is released by pressing the lock button.

Stop-down Slide

A convenient feature which allows you to
check depth of field and perform stopped-down
metering with FL or non-fully coupled
close-up accessories.

Exposure Compensation

Exposure compensation up to +2EV is possible for special creative effects. Calibrated in 1/3 EV increments, the dial is released by pressing the lock button.


Shutter The eyepiece shutter shuts out all
extraneous light. A useful safeguard
when taking long exposures or with self-timed
or remote-control photography.

Shutter Button/Self-timer

The multifunctional shutter button provides a meter reading when depressed gently and releases the shutter when fully depressed. To activate the selftimer, turn the outer ring to "S" and press the shutter. A beeping sound will issue for 10 sees. before the shutter releases itself. Set the ring to "A" for normal shutter release and "L" to lock the shutter.

Meter Mode Selector

An invaluable feature which helps you
in more ways than one. At HOLD, the meter operates for 16 sees., freeing both hands to adjust the camera. The same happens on LIGHT, but in addition the viewfinder display is illuminated. At NORMAL, the meter functions only while the shutter button is depressed, to save power.

Shutter Speed Dial

Align the "A" mark with the index for aperture-priority AK. Full sec onds (2, 4 and 8 sec.) are color coded yellow for clear distinctior with faster speeds (plus " t" an~ B) which are in white.

Contoured Action Grip

The specially shaped battery compartment cover provides a firm action grip for steadier shooting. Press the release button underneath to remove the cover and gain access to
the battery.

Film Rewind/Multiple Exposure Lever

Traditionally located on the base, Canon has relocated the film rewind lever on top for easier access when using a tripod or other accessories. For film rewind, turn the lever clockwise and depress. Do the same thing before cocking the shutter to take multiple exposures. Rapid sequence multiple exposures are also possible using either of the power drives

Accessory Shoe

Located on top of the pentaprism viewfinders for direct mounting of all Speedlites. Special contacts permit automatic setting of the 1/90 sec. flash sync speed and flash aperture when in shutterpriority AE mode.


Winder/Motor Drive Coupler

Remove the protective screw cap to connect either the AE Motor Drive FN or AE Power Winder FN. The power drives have a receptacle for storing the cap

Winder/Motor Drive Terminals

The power drives link up with the camera's electronic circuitry via these terminals to give shutterpriority AE as well as automatic film advance.

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