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Film Chamber FN-100 Since the New F-1's hot shoe is at the top of the viewfinder, there is no such tedious process of unmounting flash unit to replace film as with the Nikon F3 - which many F3 users has been complaining about. But at 5 fps high speed shooting, it takes around 7 odd seconds to finish a roll of 36 exposures in a film canister. Note: - Other than the standard 250 exp. Bulk Film Back, Nikon F3 also has a data encoding capabilities with the MF-17 250 exp. Bulk Fiim back.

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The only drawback to high-speed shooting is that you can go through a roll of film in next to no time. Most other rivalry models have only a 250 bulk film back to offer their users.

Credit: - Canon Film Chamber 100 FN Instruction Manual - prepared by Christian Rollinger

That is equivalent to around 7 rolls of 36 exposures film, that is one area where Canon has taken into consideration of why they decided to offer 100 instead of 250 bulk film back. Another added advantage is being, the size and dimension of the film back can be made more compact in size for easier handling and mobility. Generally, bulk film back solves the problem of frequent film loading. The Canon's new Chamber FN-100, when used together with the AE Motor Drive FN, it has capacity to take up to 100 exposures at 5 fps. Compact and light, it can be easily handheld for news and sports photography or set on a tripod to copy documents or record experiments in a lab. Firm handling is assured by a special grip with built-in shutter button.

Instruction Manual for Canon Motor Drive FN OR User's Manual for Canon Databack FN

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All told, there are four shutter buttons, including those on the AE Motor Drive FN and camera. Any one of these strategically positioned releases may be used. Film loading is easy and can be done in any darkroom. The bulk film roll is loaded into the Film Magazine 100 by a special film loader. Unlike other systems, there's no need to trim the end of the film first.

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The Film Chamber FN-100 saves precious seconds when you most need them. While not on a sophisticated way for general photography, the New F-1 also has a compact yet comprehensive way of data input in this Data Back FN.

Data Back FN
Canon's data back for the New F-1 is kind of strange as compared with the more popular approach in the prevailing market which used LCD as the medium. While Canon's offer was a analog type which comprises of three dials to handle the input.

The Data Back FN is an eminently practical accessory which allows you to electronically imprint data on the film. It replaces the New F-1's back cover and has three dials for letters, Roman numerals and dates.

Credit: Image courtesy of Mr. Claudio®. who is a collector for Canon photo gear, he also has an Ebay Section as well as maintaining a website on his own where occasionally trading some photo equipment. Image(s) copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.

Data may be recorded automatically upon shutter release or manually.
It can be left on the camera permanently to imprint the date, time or other coded data directly on the film.

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Credit: Images courtesy of Mr. Claudio®. Image(s) copyright © 2003. All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer.


Its applications can be used for recording the progress of construction and industrial projects, preserving valuable scientific and biomedical data and for family records. Three large dials give you thousands of possible combinations of numerals and digits. A maximum of six digits are recordable. Data are imprinted automatically in perfect synchronization with exposure or manually at any time by pressing a button.

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This means that you can record the date or exposure data on every frame or just the first one, as a reminder of the film's contents.The intensity of imprinting is adjustable for different types of film. Imprinting at 2 fps is also possible with the AE Power Winder FN.

Credit: - Canon New F1 Databack FN Instruction Manual - prepared by Christian Rollinger

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