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Canon New F1 LA Olympic Limited Edition SLR camera

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The Canon New F1 L.A. Olympic Limited Edition, 1984.

One of the most elegant looking Canon SLR camera has an special edition to commemorate the Olympic Games that held in Los Angeles, 1984 where Canon was the official camera sponsor. The BASIC model comprised of a Canon New F-1 body chassis with gold paint on the letter "F1", as well as a Olympic Games emblem on the left hand side of the camera. The supplied AE -Finder FN also has "Canon" name printed in Gold and with the serial number behind encoding began from LA XXXX.

The few images below which has the Motor Drive /Power Pack FN, the attached lenses, the Speed finder FN shown, as well as the Data Back were
NOT within the standard package.

These are my own images of my setup, tired of waiting for a contributor, so, I decided to take a few images for the site. If you want to use it for other purpose, that is fine. But if you want to use it for commercial purpose, please credit the site as I don't want these to be used for buy/sell/trade and act as if there are original of the item on sale, fair ? Enjoy.

Terms of Use :
Use for whatever purpose that you like, link will be deeply appreciated but not entirely a must. But IF you want to use them for commercial purpose, credit/link should be given because I don't like them to be used for trade/sell reference and it may mislead potential buyers with their actual condition of the said istem during an auction sale. For high-resolution images for desktop publishing/advertising, you may make a request via





Three images from the front. Just CLICK on each thumbnail(s) for an ENLARGED VIEW(s)





A view with the AE Finder removed.

Rear/Side view with the Data Back FN.

A detailed Rear View with Data back FN attached..





An inverted camera with the Canon FD 14mm f/2.8L.

Side view with the Speed Finder FN at Walst-Level position, the left is normal.





Another two front/side views..

A more clearer view with the speed finder FN





Three different from the side, rear and angles.





Two different views from the top, the left with the Speed Finder FN at waist level position. The right is the AE Finder FN.


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