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The New F-1 has quite a comprehensive array of precision accessories, capable of yielding images up to several times life-size of the "minutes" subjects. Key component of the system is the Auto Bellows. Used with the Double Cable Release, it affords automatic diaphragm control with FD and FL lenses. Several extension tube sets are available for close-up work works well in combination with Macro lenses as well. Where moderate magnification will suffice, close-up lenses offer an economical alternative.

The system of close-up/ photomacrographic accessories is for working in high magnification applications, the New F-1 's stopped-down AE function, obtained by using the AE Finder FN, which also has aperture priority AE function and spot meter interchangeable focusing screens, which can simplify exposure calculation. The Waist level viewfinders such as the Waist Level FN-6X with built-in magnifier allow direct viewing from above the camera, making composition and focusing easier when working at low ground viewing angle or perspective.

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Canon FD 50mm f/3.5 MACRO (1981/2)
Canon FD 100mm MACRO (1979)
Canon Macrophoto Adaptor Manual
Canon FD Extension Tube M Manual
Canon Auto Bellow Unit Manual
Canon Remote Switch 60 Manual

Comparing Canon MACRO Photographic accessories (including lenses) for the EOS SLR camera models

Macro lenses like the New FD 50mm f/3.5 Macro which gives half life size magnification alone and life size (1:1) with the Extension Tube FD25-U attached, are useful for close-up work and function as ordinary standard lens as well. The New FD 100mm f/4 Macro and New FD 200mm f/4 Macro provide extra telephoto provide more comfortable shooting distance and the reach for hard-to-approach subjects. Two macrophoto lenses are available for photomacrography from 2x to 10x. An essential accessory for this and other close-up uses is the Auto Bellows. Automatic diaphragm coupling with the Double Cable Release permits you to check the depth of field and exposure.

Possible accessories that can be helpful in macro photography working along with New F-1 (combination or individual, as it applies and most of the Canon F-1 accessories are compatible with the New F-1) are: Close-up Lenses 450, 240; New FD 50mm f/1.4; Extension Tubes :FD15-U, 25-U, 50-U; Extension Tube M set; Macro Auto Ring; New FD 50mm f/3.5 Macro; Vari-Extension Tube M15-25; Vari-Extension Tube M30-55; Macrophoto Adapter MA-52; Macro Hood; Duplicator G; Duplicator 8;
Macrophoto Lens 20mm f/3.5; Duplicator 16; Macrophoto Lens 35mm f/2.8; Macrophoto Lens Adapter 3; Roll Film Stage; Duplicator 35; Attachment Ring; Macro Stage; Auto Bellows; Double Cable Release; Release 30, 50; Camera Holder F4; Focusing Rail; Copy Stand 5*; Copy Stand 4; Lens Mount Converter A; Microphoto Hood; Photomicro Unit F; Extension Tube M5; F Ring 52mm; Handy Stand F.

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