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It was year 1977 and 1978 - what a year in photography.

Nikon introduced their AI (Maximum Automatic Aperture Indexing) to its F-mount while Pentax has a dual minituarised electronic ME and the mechanical MX bodies after having successfully upgraded to the new K-mount itype with the K series bodies in late '75, where both the M bodies are compact and have lightweight designs with full system accessories on their own; Minolta first kicked off the multi-mode revolution with the debut of the XD-7 in 1977 followed by a motorized aperture priority AE XK Motor camera. Canon replied about a year later, in April 1978, with a revolutionary concept camera that took the photographic world by storm. The Canon A1. With its debut in 1978, and only officially retired from service and replaced with similarly successful T-series models in 1982 that started with the entry model T-50 - but eventhough more than twenty years have passed, the Canon A-1 camera still remains as the ultimate reference camera for many. Its unique styling, original concept, durability and reliablility have been proven over these years and passed the enduring time test and emerged as a true classic. The rapid development, usage and the popularity of IC cicuits for automations in camera design have very much to thank for with this electronic marvel from Canon Inc. Japan.

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