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Functions of Features:

AT Dial: Designed to prevent the AT dial from being unintentionally moved.
PC Socket: For attaching flash units without hotshoe using a synchronization cord.
Action Grip: Provides a perfect grip and finger support for steady camera hold.
Battery Chamber Cover/Finger Grip: Houses a 6V silver oxide battery to power all camera circuits.
Exposure Preview Switch: It can also be used for confirmation of the viewfinder display.
Lock Position: With the main switch in this position power is cut off from all camera circuits.
Frame Counter: Additive type counter. Does not count in multiple exposures and counts down when film is rewound.
Film Plane Indicator: Provides the exact reference for measuring subject distance with precision when necessary, such as in photomacrography.
Exposure Compensation Lock Button: When pressed, it allows free setting of the exposure compensation dial.
Battery Check LED: Lights on and off rapidly when battery charge is aufficient, and at longer intervals when it is not; Also indicates self-timer operation.
AE Mode Window Battery Check Button: It activates the battery charge LED indication and can also be used to cancel self-timer operation.
Viewfinder Display Lever: By setting this lever at the position of the white dot, the viewfinder display is cancelled even when the shutter button is pressed.
AE Lock Pin: By pressing the pin, the lens can be set at the "A" mark, or disengaged from it.
Eyepiece Shutter: Lever Activates the viewfinder blind to shut out all light that may affect the exposure.
Film Advance Lever: With a 120° stroke and 30° stand-off angle for quick film advance. Film can also be wound in short strokes.
Memo Holder: Convenient for keeping information such as film type always at hand.

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