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Electronic Remote Control System With the Canon F-1(n)

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A 5,200mm f/14 TV lens at the main index page for
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Technical Data

1. Camera: Canon F-1, Motor Drive MF (the conventiona Motor Drive Unit can also be used), Servo EE Finder. Electric power is supplied from the Control Unit. Film Chamber 250 is attachable.
2. Lens: Pictured shown here: FD 85 - 300mm F 4.5 Zoom Lens. Other FD lenses can be interchanged.
3. Pan-Tilt Head: Designed to make panning and tilting possible.
(Simultaneous panning and tilting are possible.)
Panning: Functioning range; 340° Speed; 6°/sec.
Tilting: Functioning range; 45° up and down respectively. Speed; 3° /sec.
4. Focusing and zooming unit: Focusing Ring and Zooming Ring of FD 85 - 300mm lens are driven by belt driven connected to a compact motor. Mounting position can be adjusted to the lenses. Zooming speed: 5 sec. Focusing speed: 5 sec.
* 5. Electronic finder: 2/3" Vidicon tube. It consists of the Vidicon Unit attached to the eyepiece of the Servo EE Finder and the Monitor TV built into the Control Unit.6. Control unit It consists of a 7" Monitor TV and th following controls: 1 )
1. Power switch - Puts the power on and off. 2) Stand-by switch
2. Stand By switch:
At OFF: Only the heater of the CRT is on.
At ON: The entire Control Unit is ready for use.
3) Power source 100V, 50Hz.
4) Brightness adjustment knob
For Monitor.
5) Contrast adjusting knob
For Monitor.
6) Zooming switch
Controls zooming motor.
7) Focusing switch
Controls focusing motor.
8) Panning switch Controls panning motor of the Pan-Tilt
Head. Tilting switch Controls tilting motor of the Pan-Tilt Head.
10) Shutter release button
11 ) Frame counter: Indicates the number of frames exposed by means of a light emitting diode. Resetting is possible with the reset button.

* This is a special request manufactured item during that period where F-1 was available..

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