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Canon T90 - Camera Instruction Manual

Part IX

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Basic Operation

Shooting with the Lens Set on "A" Mark.

Setting the Metering Mode  

<Metering Modes of the T90>
With the T90, the metering mode, i.e, the metering sensitivity pattern, can be changed regardless of which lens you use or the subject you are shooting.

Do not use a linear polarization filter.

1. Center-weighted average metering

This is a convenient metering system for general photography under normal shooting conditions. The meter measures the entire viewing area, emphasizing the central portion where the subject is most likely to be and diminishing toward the edges.

2. Partial metering

This system, with its 13% coverage of the field of view, allows you to meter only the central portion of the image in the viewfinder. It is particularly effective for metering backlit subjects, such as a person in front of a bright window.

3. Spot metering

Spot metering is ideal for subjects which require precise measurement. Since the mete ing area is 2.7% of the field of view, you can select a small, exact area from the overall scene. It is especially advantageous for stage photography, photomacrography ar photomicrography.

<Setting Each Mode>

While pressing the metering mode selector, turn the electronic input dial until the desired metering mode appears on the display panel. (The display moves cyclically.)

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