Better Information about Nikon F and F2

I should bill this as "now almost organized" (by geography/language) ...

American Links

John Liu (no relation that I know of) has a much nicer page regarding the Nikon F. [English]

You can find information on how to fix balky FTn (and probably the similar DP-1 and DP-11) finders at Glen Walpert's page. [English]

Stephen Gandy has written a few quite informative pages about collectible Fs (and earlier rangefinders) at CameraQuest's Classics Page. [English]

Kyle Cassidy has graciously allowed me to reference pictures of an F with a Photomic prism on his equipment page, which includes pictures of various cameras (including a Nikkormat FT). [English]

Pacific Rim Camera has excellent information on the F, including collectible models. [English]

My friend Andy wrote up his experiences with the F2 a couple of months ago. [English]

Philip Greenspun finally discovered the F2A recently, and would like to share his experiences with you. He definitely does not have a collector's perspective. [English]

European Links

There is a version of the Gray's of Westminster newsletter online that contains excellent data regarding production dates and special Nikon F models. [English]

David Nunn pointed me to another page regarding the Nikon F2. [English]

A German site contains a brief history and usage of the F-series. [German]

What did they say about flattery? Ah, it feels good nonetheless, Nicke. [English]

Another German site gives a compact history of Nikon cameras, starting from the F. [German]

Asian Links

This is beautifully illustrated page regarding early Nikon cameras (including the F and F2). [Japanese]

This Malaysian site has perhaps the nicest pictures I've ever seen of Nikon F and F2's. [English]

There is some information (in Japanese) regarding the F2 Titan at this site. The same site also hosts a F page. [Japanese]

A similar site, with some pictures of the F and F/FTn can be found here. [Japanese]

Another Japanese web publisher wrote up his impressions on the Nikon F2. [Japanese]

What seems to be a history of the Nikon F and user report can be found here. [Japanese]

For general Nikon information, I recommend seeing my own Nikon links, which include links to Dr. Pietsch's page as well as the Nikon-Digest and Nikon FAQ.

Paper sources for Nikon information

Editorial Board, Amphoto, Official Nikon F and Nikkormat Guide, Amphoto, New York, 1967.

Cooper, Joseph D., Nikon/Nikkormat Handbook, Amphoto, Garden City, NY, 1974 (rev. 1978).

Crawley, Geoffrey, The Nikon System (including Nikkormat), Amphoto, New York, 1969 (rev. 1972).

Peterson, B. Moose, Nikon System Handbook, Images Press, New York, 1991.

Rotolini, Robert, Nikon Rangefinder Camera, Hove Foto Books, East Sussex, UK, 1983.

Modern Photography, December issues (1968-1979)

Popular Photography, September 1959

A good source of camera literature (esp. out-of-print books) is Finger Lakes Photo Books.

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