Modern Classic SLRs Series :
Nikon F3

I wish to extend my heart felt appreciation to all those people who share my passion and have extended assistance. Their relentless pursuit of knowledge and their generosity have made the daunting task of building and maintaining this site a labour of love. Without their contributions, this site would never have developed to the point it is today. They are... (in no particular order....)
  • Ted Wengelaar®, Holland for his continuous flow of input.
  • MCLau®, who has spent quite a number of nights with me to prepare this site.
  • Lars Holst Hansen®, Danish 'Hawkeye' who shares the same passion.
  • CYLeow ® , photo editor of the Star newspaper, Malaysia.
  • Mr Poon® from Poon photo for their input on F3P.
  • Mike Iacono® for his effort to contribute some few lovely images on his Nikon SB-3 and SB-4 speedlights.
  • Azrul Abdullah® for his earlier effort on F3AF.
  • Steven Wolfe® for sharing his experience on the F3T LE.
  • Ms Rissa Chan®, Sales manager from Shriro Malaysia who has helped to provide some of the very useful input.
  • Hiura Shinsaku®, Nikomat ML, Japan for his contribution on all the various images of Nikon F3 prototype models.
  • Special thanks to Edward Ngoh® for his permission to use his Nikon F3AF and the dual F3AF lenses
  • Simon Cheong®, HK for his initial feedback on the Nikon F3AF
  • My friend, Chuck Hester® who has been with me all these while with the development of all these Nikon sites.
  • Augusto Stuat®, Brazil with his input of the SB-3/SB-5 flash units
  • Don Walsh®, Thailand for his information of the battery issues.
  • Mr Tom® for his permission to use his images of the Oxberry Pro 5 camera.
  • "BIGleo"® for two of his fabulous images on the F3/T.
  • Don Walsh®, Thailand for his information of the battery issues.
  • A contributing site to a long lost friend on the Net.
  • Allan M. Purtle®  who has helped to clean up my poor writing.
Note Bene:
Certain content and images appearing in this site were scanned from official marketing material published by Nikon, and/or contributed by users who claimed originality of their own work, with permission to publish in this site, based on educational merits. The creator of this site will not be responsible for any discrepancies that may arise from such possible dispute except rectifying them after verification."Nikon", "Nikkormat", "Nippon Kokagu KK" & "Nikkor" are registered tradename of Nikon Corporation Inc., Japan. 

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