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Nikon Original SB-1 Speedlight Unit

User's Manual for Nikon Original Speedlight SB-1
Content contributed by: Mr. Werner Schrittesser <>

1) Nikon SPEEDLIGHT UNIT: Probably can be regarded as Nikon's first auto thyristor-controlled flash unit. It was systematically designed to permit using various types of power sources, and ingeniously designed two types of Ringlight units, the Nikon Speedlight is an electronic flash which ensures successful exposures in all application fields of photography. (Fig. 1)

a ) Recycling time:
• With NiCd battery: About 4 sec. (fully charged)
• With 6 " D " cells: About 5 sec (High-rate)
• With 6 " D " cells About 4 sec. (Alkaline)
• With 510-volt battery: About 1.5 sec.
• With AC unit and charger: About 5 sec.

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b) Number of flashes
With NC battery: About 80 flashes (fully charged)
With " D " cells About 300 flashes (High-rate)
With " D " cells: About 1,000 flashes (Alkaline)
With 510-volt battery: About 700 flashes

c) Flash duration: About 1/2,000 sec.
d) Coverage of light: 65
e) Colour temperature: 6,000'K
f) Life of flash tube: About 30,000 times

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g) Guide number:
For Black & White film ASA 125: About 149 feet
For Colour film ASA 25: About 46 feet
g) Light extension: Available up to 2 units besides the Main unit with extension cords.
h) Automatic volt stabilizing circuit provided
i) Open flash button provided
j) Bounce flash by the bracket tilted every 30
°from 0° to 120°backward

k) Batteries to be used
Exclusive NiCd battery:
• D-cells (6 pieces): Used with the D-cells pack SD-2
• 510 volt battery: 510 V Eveready No. 497 Used with the battery pack SD-1
l) AC unit & charger: Used also as AC power for the Main unit and for recharging the NiCd battery. Input voltage is changeable to 100, 117, 220 and 240 volts.
Weight: Main unit: About 670g (NiCd battery 165g included)
Bounce bracket: About 270 g
AC unit & charger: About 1,000g

Content contributed by: Mr. Werner Schrittesser

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Additional information on:
Nikon Original SB-1 Speedlight Unit

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