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We all do have dreams, don't we ? Creating a better place called HOME ..

Submit any comments you like: Positive suggestions, constructive criticisms on doubtful implementations of policies, personal greetings to successful and/or meaningful projects, reminders to governmental officials on posibble consequences of new rulings, whatever you want but MUST NOT be relative to political, or comments that may raise sensitive racial conflicts and/or aim for personal attack. The appointed volunteers reserve all absolute right to change, alter or even remove comments that are non-relative, non-constructive, misleading OR excessively hostile messages and/or remarks that deem may be carrying hidden agenda posted herein.

Clarification:- The creator as well the co-maintainers of this forum should not be held for any discrepancies, unlawful activities, rumor generating acts EXCEPT for actions taken after receiving a notification (subject to verification):- to rectify, amending or even deletion of any inappropriate comments. Further, please take note that any posting(s) submitted herein this forum will be first subjected to auto keyword filtering on input content; further subjected to moderator permission before publishing. As this is a non-profitable/commercial section as well as staying politically neutral, and the co-moderator will only exercise general perception to accept or reject a submission. All decisions will deem FINAL and we will not entertain any complaints or protest..

A Warmth Reminder: if you are NOT comfortable with this kind of public exposure of your personal email PLEASE use/select a One-Time Email (or creative alternation of your actual email) for this purpose (deletion request of email will NOT be entertained due to heavy workload. To AVOID being lead to unspecific/related external site(s), this board only accepts PLAIN TEXT postings; further, using special HTML tags other than plain text to attract attention is NOT encouraged.

If your interest is centered on seeking for a public forum to express political views,
please make use of the alternate link Google Searched on-line political forums to find the the right forum that suit your interest. Thank You !

Lastly, please help to restore the true spirit as well as cultivate some healthy Internet culture, just make the web like a more friendlier place to live with. Further, the Country has been enjoying half a century of sequential progress, and the main objective is to provide a proper web channel to relay your views and suggestions only, so please DON'T post any unrelated and/or excessively sensitive issues.

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