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Good day. This is a new section inspired by an incident happened near KLCC/Petronas Twin Towers where I was trying to help a traveling couple from Kazakhstan, Central Asia to get a public cap to visit the nearly Kuala Lumpur Telekom Tower. It is unimaginable while 40+ Taxi that I had stop and asked none of the driver would willing to send the couple to such a nearby popular tourist destination UNLESS I am willing to tell the couple to pay a one-time fee (no meter count) ranging between RM15~25-00 for such a short trip. Eventually, the couple gave up and asked me to offer any Taxi for a flat charge of RM10-00. Embarassed and boiled with anger within, so while I was walking back to the office, this experience has prompted me to prepare a discussion forum to allow general public to discuss any long pending issue. Regardless the reasons given by eforcement agencies or consumer association, I guess many City folks on and off do face these kind of unpleasant episodes in their respective day to day life. While I am not trying to make a focum to make a complaint, bbut rather, the incident has inspired me to take initiative to begin a public task. So, the scope is not just to confine to public services or any particular incident. Any incident SHOULD BE cherished as to encourage us sourcing the ROOT of the problem and offer a suggestion for authority(ies) to attend and/or rectify it. I guess they are many segments in our commmunity do having similar issues - whether it is businesses applications, district or involing with governmental policies. I do know there are many channels such as media or even governmental departments to make complaints but most of the time, it can be an equally frustrating experience even to make an attempt via phone or personal visit for official filing.

Due to business nature, I have been making frequent trips to foreign soils over the last few years and has many opportunities to meet up with foreign govermental offices. I have witnessed many good and bad implementation of policies by respective authorities. At times, I do find some basis of comparison. If things are good, I will remember. While some of ours are better, I will tell my foreign friends to share. NOW - assuming if any of us has some thoughts on our own, what do you think is the BEST CHANNEL to relay your suggestion to authorities ? Over the last 10 years, web penetration to community has mushroomed positively to quite a mature stage. Using the web as the medium can be a matter of passive or active communications method. While the current state of web application are more confining to politics or juicy issues. I guess as a responsible web developer, we also has to offer a helathy web channel for public to bridge with authorities. I am not sure if policy makers. political representatives or enforcement agencies personnels are adopting positive attitude by going web & read public opinions, but as long as we forward our views neutrally with the aim of creating a better country, we are performing our duty as being part of the nation building Nationals; thus, just make good use of this discussion board positively.

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1. From : Alex (
Url : http://
Date : 04:56 AM Monday 21 October, 2013

Test from technical team, please ignore

2. From : Jessica Novis (
Url : http://none
Date : 11:41 AM Saturday 27 December, 2008

I felt your Kuala Lumpur Transaport ITIS real time system is quite disappointing as compare to other major cities. The traffic control needs some serious attention. I can feel it is a good project with good intention but the LCD only displays " call Hotline".. come on ..

3. From : 振-ming (
Url :
Date : 03:45 PM Thursday 18 December, 2008

2008年12月17日23:06   新华网 据中国海上搜救中心总值班室有关负责人介绍,北京时间17日12时43分,中交集团所属的6万吨级特大件运输船“振华4”轮在苏丹卸货后返回上海途中,在亚丁湾海域遭遇海盗袭击。9名持火箭筒、重机枪等武器的海盗登上甲板企图劫持船舶。“振华4”轮船长彭维源立即通过公司总部向中国海上搜救中心总值班室求救,并组织全体船员利用消防水龙及自制燃烧弹等与海盗对峙周旋。


"国际海事局马来西亚防海盗中心", I didn't know establishment of this. but Good PR for our country, bravo !

4. From : Kakaman (
Url :
Date : 03:12 PM Wednesday 17 December, 2008

Do you know how Shanghai city council deals with all those "ah Nong" and for that matter, house to let, xx-for sale ads pasting on lamp posts, walls of buildings etc. with stickers/labels ?

Simple: they work closely with phone companies like Telco and Telekom. Once a report is reported with pictures captured as evidence, the phone lines will be terminated immediately for next 6 months pending your appeal and written apologies. So, you will notice seldom there are any stickers on streets of Shanghai. Well, other cities didn't follow that rule strictly and still may have this problem. This is a good measure but don't know if our local governments/city councils can follow this ? - Kakaman

5. From : Kakaman (
Url :
Date : 03:06 PM Wednesday 17 December, 2008

Personal Assessment: 09 is bad and may be trickled start by mini crash of the USD six~nine (6~9) months from now. But a word of warning, year 2010 (Tiger) can be even worst on the days after effect (commodity/inflation rising SHARPLY again) but after Oct. 2010 should see the bottom and bounce off from there. We probably have to see 2011 (Snake) picking up again and may be the regaining the BEST back in 2012 (Dragon) only (don't ask me why, I do have some interest in chart evaluations and it is just a personal assessment BUT I can also be WRONG in such a risk evaluation but I guess there is no harm keeping this possibility in mind in what you will be committing financially for the next few years). Hope all our fellow country folks can preserve some reserves to ensure sustaining power to sail through this turmoil peacefully. May the merciful eyes of "Something Up There" can shed some light on all of us. Thank You.

6. From : Kakaman (
Url :
Date : 02:57 PM Wednesday 17 December, 2008

It is old post, but I guess it may use as a guide how to make an opinion on economic issue:-

May, 2005 Government decides Civil Servants to go 5 days week + Overtime Allowance

The public who are the Bosses who has no say in the course of this crucial decision,. But the course of action has cost the biggest employer in the country lost approx. 5.2 million productive hours per month OR can also be interpreted as approx. 62.4 million combined hours per annum. Note:- Basis of calculation: 1.3 million x 4 days x 12 months.

Benefits: More time attending family affairs. Probably may increase consumer spending, benefiting retail market & support for Governmental policies among civil servants Cons: enormous lost of production time & availability of flexibility to those seeking service/support from governmental organizations

Comparisons (figures in Red for Malaysia): Thailand : Population: approx. 61 Million (23 million). GDP purchasing power parity - $388.7 billion (229.1 Billion) (1999 est.); GDP - real growth rate 4% (5 %) (1999 est.) GDP - per capita purchasing power parity - $6,400 ($10,700) (1999 est.) Also alternate 5 days/week. approx. 2 million (1.3 million) cilvil servants (14 ministries, 125 departments and more than 11,000 divisions). Ratio: 3.2% (5.6%). Government spending: 36 % of its annual budget.

Summary: GOOD for an overdue decision on the flexible allowance scheme for those cilvil servants (esp. the law enforcement teams) who has been assigned to work in the bigger cities. The move has possibly lower the cause of possible attempted corruption due to maintenance of family expenditure in the cities. Thumbs down: Other than improvement on quality of life for this "exclusive" 1.3 million group, not other significant benefits bring to the country. Overall: a bad move. Based on a recent experiences to two agencies, I enjoyed what I experienced with the elevated quality of service (compared to my last experience 5-6 years ago) at those points of service. But Malaysian need to be mentally tuned to be more hard working a head of global open market challenges (debatable efficiency factor not is not factored in here with this conclusion, so don't argue .. ), and government employees should lead to spearhead the rest of the pack.

First impact of this implementation on private sector directly is... like my staffs also started appealing for 5 days' week because they said they are more "productive" than "others" and since government sector can work less for more.. two young lady artists resigned last week, citing else where work only 5 days' week & they are "fed-up" with working from 9 to 5 !. @#$%$&@*!!. what has Malaysian blue / white collar force had turn into for the last one and half decade ?

Many countries thought Malaysia did a fantastic work on economic development, Don't think we can relax, see where did we position ourselves in the global market. So, come on ...

May, 2005 - Kakaman

7. From : Test (
Url :
Date : 11:56 PM Friday 28 November, 2008

TEST message board Post One. 投石问路。 I will kick start with a few clues/suggestions.


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