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120 mm F4
(IF) Medical lens

120mm f/4 IF Medical-Nikkor Set

Includes built-in ringlight flash for shadowless photography. A close-up system designed especially for medical, dental, and scientific applications. Nikon Internal Focusing technology keeps the size of the lens unchanged as you focus. Continuous operation from a reproduction of 1:11 down to 1:1 life-size (compared this data with the older version of the 200mm f5.6 below). Requires AC Power Unit LA-2 (#4506) or DC Power Unit LD-2 (#4505) for flash operation.

Medical Nikkor120 f4 medical side view.jpg
Another side view.


Focal length/Aperture: 120mm f/4 IF Medical-Nikkor Set
Lens construction: NA
Picture angle: (diag/hor) NA
Diaphragm: Automatic
Aperture scale: f/3.5~ f/5.6
Exposure measurement: Via full aperture method
Distance scale: NA
Weight: 31.4 oz
Dimensions: 3.9" x 5.6"
filter fitting Nikon F mount, 49mm filter.

Shown below is the older version of the 200mm Medical Nikkor f5.6 attached on a F2A.

old version

Original design concept was based on easy to use by unskilled personnels - after all, this lens was primarily use by industrial, scienticfic, dental and medical applications - thus, you can't expect all the executing staffs to be an photographic expert. It uses either AC or DC power packs, supplied with 6 screw-in auxiliary lenses, sync and power cord. Providing 11 sets reproduction ratios ranging from 1/15 x down to 3x life size. And 4 pilot lamps incorporated for focusing accuracy. Focusing distance is fixed once the reproduction ratio is determined.

Old medical Nikkor .jpgBelieved to be the first version. Mounted on the Nikon F body (Can any guru confirm this ? I am not sure...). More info on these older versions

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