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2,000 mm Reflex Nikkor f11

Reflex lenses employ a combination of mirrors and lens elements based on catadioptric (Mirror Reflex) telescopes. The light path is this case is folded by the mirror surfaces, permitting significant reduction in size and weight compared to conventional lenses of equivalent focal length.

This lens is featured because it is the longest reach commercial 35mm reflex mirror lens you can find. Special note is its F11 aperture, which is of equivalent to normal standard 1000mm reflex mirror lens available generally on the market.

One advantage of the Reflex Mirror lens is the virtual elimination of
chromatic abberation, and refocusing in infrared photography.
Photographs taken with a Reflex Mirror are easily distinguishable, those hightlights at the background when it is out of focus will turn into doughnut shapes (see illustration below).

The Nikkor 2,000mm Reflex Nikkor can't claimed to be the world's longest 35mm SLR reflex lens, Canon has a limited edition 5200mm f14.5 (No mistake) prior to their original F-1 during the early part of the '70 - which uses the FL mount.

To realise how gigantic this lens is, you need to compare side by side with the 500mm, 1000mm and a scale of a normal 35mm camera body, I will show you Here..

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