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Nikon's Fisheye-Nikkor 6mm f/2.8

Circular fisheye coverage of 220 °
Fairly large maximum aperture.
Through-the-lens viewing and focusing down to one foot (0.25m).
Built-in lens stand/tripod mounting socket.
Supplied with a set of 5 filters (skylight, two yellow, orange and red) built into a revolving turret, and slip-on front lens cap.
Photographic uses include scientific and industrial applications, and special effects in advertising and commercial work.

There are few generations between the 6mm Nikkor Fisheye lens from Nikon (including the 10mm OP Fisheye Nikkor), for those who wishes to have a view of the first generation of this lens, click here for a visual comparison between the old and latest.

Hiding in here with a gorgeous views (Not Nudes, though) of some fisheyes of yester-year, esp a view of an 8mm Fisheye lens...

Below are the few that I can compiled from Nikon's product catalogue dating back the '60. Only the visual is provided, not the technical side though...

6mm Fisheye on a F2 Out of production 6mm Fisheye F5.6
An earlier version of the 6mm mounted on a F2. The older version of the 8mm -10mm Nikkor Fisheye can be accessed here.
Another discontinued version of the Nikkor, needs mirror lock up in the camera to work. While these lenses are on circular fisheye, the Nikkor Full frame fisheye, 16mm f2.8 can be accessed at this page. I may have to explain a little between the two versions.


Focal length/Aperture:
6rnrn f/2.8
Lens construction:
12 elements in 9 groups
Picture angle:
Aperture scale:
f/2.8 ~ f/22 on both standard and aperture direct-
readout scale
Exposure measurement:
Via full aperture method; meter coupling ridge
provided for Al cameras and meter coupling shoe for
non-AI cameras
Distance scale:
Graduated in meters and feet from 0.25m (0.9 ft) to
infinity (oo)
Weight: Dimensions:
236mm dia. x 171mm long (overall); 159mm
extension from flange
Built-in; LIA, Y48, Y52, 056, R60
Front lens cap:
Lens case:
Metal case

This is a fisheye lens - a circular fisheye.
OpticalIy, it is also an wideangle (
220°). Compared the technical aspect with the true wideangle 13mm Nikkor (Angle of view 118°), it is much less complex. The eventual image display will have circular images in the centre of the picture frame. Among the many top camera manufacturers, this lens is still have the widest angle of view - it might include your tripod and your legs in the final image - if you are not careful.

Note: This lens is only available by special order.

Most of these special lenses featured here are non-autofocus. In fact, the 6mm Fisheye-Nikkor lens has a twin (stop production now) - very much lighter (due to maximum aperture is reduced to f5.6, instead of the f2.8 listed here and weight is drastically reduced to 430g instead of the 5.2kg !

It is a fixed focus design lens (meaning to say, no focusing is necessary as the immense depth of field generated) and it requires a separate 160° Fisheye Viewfinder for bright viewing (f5.6 can be quite dim for viewing comfort). And the last being,
it needs a camera that can mirror-locked. That means only workable on the F -series professional cameras and selective Nikkormats that have mirror-lock feature.

Anyway, it is
being discontinued now. Nevertheless, I provide an image here for you to compare, it looks very much like a modern 16mm full frame fisheye lens, ya ?


The current version of the 6mm Fisheye.
Click to see:
 1) a detailed view of this image, 2) Only image of the lens,
You will be thrilled by the clarity of these two enlarged view.

With a little help from Surfers:

* Take a ride to see an illustration of an image taken with this lens: Click here
Courtesy of
Dan Slater : Patience...(file size:315k gif).

* Jean Claude from France has a very nice site (Although I can't read, pictures tell all). Reasons being, some stunning images displaying there was taken by either 6mm or 8mm Fisheye-Nikkor.

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